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Re: New big block engine on the way for the Firebird!!!

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The answer that you are looking for to your original question is no.

To answer your following questions:

-do you do a background check on their flying skills?

Yes, as best I can from the feedback they provide from the questions that I ask.

-do you find out what model they plan to install the engine in, and cancel the sale if it is, in your opinion, "too much" power for the airframe?

Yes, I ask what model they are going to put the engine in. It wouldn't be prudent to do otherwise. It may lead me to suggest a smaller or larger engine. In the 10 years I've been doing this, I can vaguely recall one, may be two instances where I didn't feel comfortable selling the engine and/or aircraft. It cost me the sale but I felt comfortable with the decision.

-do you worry about the engine you are selling having the potential to "cause a smoking crater" and for us to lose our turbine model flying privileges?

No, because by asking the right questions and providing my customers with the correct advice, I'm doing my due diligence to mitigate that from happening.


If I have slighted you in anyway with my lack of eloquence or debating skills, my apologies. This was never about you, your model or your ability.

With that I will consider my part of this discussion closed.

Good Evening,
Ed Miedzybrocki
Great Northern Models
Your Canadian Jet Source for BVM, Festo, Fei Bao, Robart, JetCat, Jersey Modeler, Skymaster, Graupner Modelbau and more coming...!!!
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Re: New big block engine on the way for the Firebird!!!

Originally Posted by LGM Guitars View Post
The Firebird was designed around the Olympus, so really am I doing anything outside of the ordinary? The design has been flown for 10 years with everything from an AMT Pegasus, to AMT Olympus, Simjet Nexus, Jetcat P180, P200, Merlin 160 etc.

What really amazes me, is that there are JET modelers in here making comments that are uncalled for. Guys are concerned about a turbine powered jet flying at 300mph. I get that, would the same concern be shown if I was posting about a new Giant scale Unlimited racer that is capable of 260mph with a 32" prop up front weighing more than my Firebird will? In the event of a crash, kinetic energy is a result of speed and weight, engine type makes no difference. I'm no physics major, actually, I never took any physics courses in my life, but it only takes common sense to know that if a turbine powered aircraft that weighs 20 lbs hits the dirt at 200mph, the resulting damage will be the same as a 20lbs prop plane hitting the dirt at 200mph. It will be less than a 16lb dynamic slope glider hitting the ground at 400mph though.
What I see on the forums, is a large number of people who will make comments in a thread about a jet, that they would never make if it was a prop plane.
Like I say, I could just as easily go out and buy a giant scale unlimited racer, and go fly it nearly as fast as the Firebird will go.
I could be one of those guys that flies a 50% Edge with a 40" prop and hovers it inches from the ground, 10 feet from the flight line too. But those threads get all the "wow, cool, nice plane, what a great pilot, etc". As soon as it's a turbine jet, some guys seem to get their panties in a wad and start throwing out the "you're endangering the hobby, MAAC blah blah blah etc etc etc."

Andrew asked what rules I'm breaking, I'd really like somebody to answer that question as well.

Putting the engine that is recommended for the airframe I'm building into it and somehow that's wrong..... wow.... Where are you guys to complain when somebody posts about their Flash with a P160, or a Kangaroo or Rookie with a P120 or bigger?

I really don't get it.

To all of you who understand why I posted this thread, and who have been supportive, thank you, it's nice to know that there are some people that get it..........
For the most part, there just a bunch of gelious people that will never possess the skills or perhaps the money required to enjoy flying thease types of AC, Sooo.... If you cant join in on the fun, what do they do? they try to pizz on your BBQ and as long as they finish each sentance with "in the name of saftey" they feel they can say or do what ever they want. Theres so many on this site now that have become tired of controling planes, that they now want to control people.
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John M.
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Re: New big block engine on the way for the Firebird!!!

What's the registration of the Lear Chuck? I'll listen for you on the frequencies, maybe get to chat.

John Melnick
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Re: New big block engine on the way for the Firebird!!!

You know. I too am getting a little tired of the "dangerous" hobby we all enjoy. Perhaps a few comments could have been misinterpreted here, but please...."people getting killed!" Let's all be safe but come on there are very few people being killed or seriously maimed in this hobbby because we are responsible individuals and there is a safety code, etc.
I find this worry about death and destruction and insurance rates unbelieveable. Those that are so worried..please don't leave your home..and you better have backups of backups when it comes to smoke detectors, CO detectors, on and on and on.
This is a hobby!

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Re: New big block engine on the way for the Firebird!!!

Originally Posted by CANENR View Post
If that thing puts a crater in something(on Canadian soil), I would guess that MAAC would put a large dent with regards to the use and safety of turbine powered aircrafts. Figure it out it's made of balsa and fibreglass(and a little bondo), and of course it's in the hands of a model airplane pilot. Someting got to give. Hope not for the sake of this hobby and the rest of us.
Ok? So what if it puts a dent in the soil..... as long as it doesn't hit anyone or anything usually guys that buy these high end airplanes "CAN" fly them or else I don't think they would spend the time and money...Why do you say somethings got to give, just beef up the satructure a bit and it's good to go. I don't know maybe it's me but this sounds pretty negative! I would love to see this bird fly. Please leave negativity at the door where it belongs.
Azure Hobbies
DLE Engines
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John M.
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Re: New big block engine on the way for the Firebird!!!

This thread has been a great benefit to me as a newbie for the simple reason that it drives home the fact that we ALL have to be very careful what we do as individuals and as a group.

With the hyper media today any small incident involving any level of model aviation technology has the potential to get picked up by the press and under the right circumstances grow legs.

Seen through the eyes of the public our hobby is frivolous, has no redeeming value and if it is seen to pose a risk to them in any way, no matter how trivial, it will not be tolerated. Things will spin out of control and get blown out of proportion.

The reaction to the ducks on the tailings pond of an oil sands plant will illustrate my point nicely.
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Talking Re: New big block engine on the way for the Firebird!!!

Originally Posted by John Melnick View Post
What's the registration of the Lear Chuck? I'll listen for you on the frequencies, maybe get to chat.

John Melnick
Hi John
My Lear is register in the USA
N121CK ser.039.
I live in Niagara Ontario and the A/C is based in Niagara New York, very convenient since all are flying is in the USA. I also owned and operated a Aero L-39 ZA out of Niagara NY, much ezayer to deal with the FAA in the USA than the DOT in Canada when you are operating this type of A/C privately.
For RC aircraft I have a PST Reaction ARF, Scratch built scale F18, Avond F-15, and a Kranz
727-200 airliner that I am converting to turbine power, hope to have it flying next year.
Best Regards
Chuck-------------Armchair wonaby
P.S What are you Flying,love to talk flying.
Chuck Storrie Sales Rep-- KingTech Turbines Canada
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Re: New big block engine on the way for the Firebird!!!

This whole thread was started by Jeremy to show off his new toy... and yes, brag a little about the powerful engine. Its what we generally do when buying an expensive and fairly rare thing, isnt it? I mean, you like to show off the new "toy" to the rest of the guys, especially in this small group of modelers in the turbine jets discipline... under 200 in all of Canada.

Some fellow (canenr) who by all accounts no one I know knows personally comes out and makes a bold statement - basically accusing Jeremy of doing something dangerous, but without merit. His posts suggest he doesnt even know about the MAAC jet committee or its members - or their role in turbine modelling in Canada. I asked what jets he is flying and what engines and fuel capacity they have to get an idea of what potential for danger they pose - but then he didnt answer me, did he?

Then, a known Jet modeler Hans starts talking about the "potential
for danger "and the following quotes:

most RC accidents happen after these words

"What will MAAC do if we have a "supercool" turbine jet showing off 280 mph on a public show having a problem ?
Ain't gonne happen ?"

"I guess what I am trying to say is that this hobby is for all of us to enjoy, and for each individual to do their very best to keep it that way."

All valid points, however, like I stated these statements can be made of ANY model turbine jet and what they have to do with Jeremy's plane/engine combo specifically is still unclear to me. People are already flying BVM jets at well over 200mph and thats not an issue, but for some reason, this is? yes, I dont understand.

The next thing, Chuck decides he doesnt like what I am posting and suggests I take a week off RCC. OK, thats pretty nice...

Ed posts some MAAC rules, and I pointed out that Jeremy is not breaking any of them, but WE ALL have the "potential" to do so, if we are not careful and diligent in our turbine model flying.

I ask a question - regarding the sale of turbines from ED and Chuck (thanks for the reply Ed, and I appreciate the fact you do ask questions of your poitential customers and that will indeed save some inexperienced modeler from buying a model/engine combo that might not be suitable. Kudos to you! Chuck failed to repsond to my question....

I did at no time attack anyone personally. All I want, is for us all to repsect each other, and as a small group of flyers I think we do that pretty well. But, to attack one person like was done here without merit, is and will continue to be wrong. Plain and simple.

I do find it funny that the fellow (canenr) dissapeared and failed to answer my questions re what he is flying and where. Whatever it is, I am sure it also has the potential to cause issues if flown in a reckless or careless manner, and that is the thing - we all have the potential to do so.

Andrew Coholic -MAAC #26287L

1/2A to giant scale, IMAC, SAM, R/C sport, turbine jets, Heli's...
if its got a wing or two and an engine - I like it!
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Re: New big block engine on the way for the Firebird!!!

An accident with our models jets or whatever is not likely to put an end to our hobby. What could jeopardize it is if organizations such as FAA decide we have potential weapons at our disposal and could be a security threat. As long as we are only playing with our toys we are reasonably safe. just look at the snowmobile incident in BC with unkwon lives lost. Do you think snowmobiles will be banned? I don't think so. There is risk in everthing we do. Eric MAAC 6859
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Re: New big block engine on the way for the Firebird!!!

Know the rules
Follow the rules
Use common sense
Have fun
Spread the word of how fun this is!!

Peter D.
MAAC Jet Committee Member
Deputy South West Zone Director
Member of JPO
Deputy Director - Pickled Pilot Squadron
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