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Re: has this ever happened to you???

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Greg....your planes will be safer on a string...hahahaahaha!!!

PS- You should get down the basement and get that 40% Extra put together. I have my eyes open for a deal on an engine for you.

Max, everyone loses interest in any hobby. It usually returns with more intensity.

If not, there is always knitting.
Joe Di Profio Jr

MAAC 70927

"Am I Inverted.....Oh Crap!!"
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Talking Re: has this ever happened to you???

I TOTALLY can relate to this thread. A lot of personal issues drained me mentally and I lost the passion for this hobby for a couple years. BUT....this year is gonna be different!
I remember getting bored of the ducted fans so I sold pretty much all of my stuff way back then. After a little hiatus I decided I'd try something different and moved to helicopters solely for the purpose of doing aerial photography! I studied designs available on the market then built ALL of my own gear. Very challenging but very rewarding at the same time!
Turned my hobby I almost quit for good....into a fun side business!
Most definitely keep all your stuff, you will get the spark back!
Speaking of spark....maybe try some like turbines I got into that big time as well until I lost my flying field but oh well....still got the helis!
Howzitgoin' eh?
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Re: has this ever happened to you???

Hey Joe,

It's 35% so don't find me a 150CC LOL. And I got some covering on order to start the beast.
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Re: has this ever happened to you???

Originally Posted by flyboysnow View Post
well i have been thinking about this for quite a while but dont know why.
i love flying i really do but i just doesnt do it for me anymore
its fun but i mean i just dont get that rush of adrenaline and excitment??
i like to fly 3d its fun but its starting to get boring like at indoor flying yesterday i was doing rolling circles a foot off the ground i flew throught the rafters and still that what i always do and its not exciting anymore.
ive flown fpv its fun but that a calm fun and a cant afford to keep a turbine running but i dont know.
has this ever happened to you guys where its just not extremly exciting anymore its just a kinda daily thing i still want to fly because its what i do but like a said above its not terribly exciting anymore
well tell me your story if its happend to you
Well, I am not sure how old you are, but I will be 41 this year. I started modeling in the later 1970's. I don't think I have ever stopped modeling in some way, ie, either building rubber powered FF, control line planes, and in RC everything from sport planes, helis, old timers, jets, IMAC, etc. There always seems to be a thousand things to try, and never enough time to try them all... at least for me. I have never been bored with the hobby - generally I never seem to have the time I once had to devote to the hobby.

In the past 30+ years I have never been "bored" of the hobby, or even thought about quitting or selling my gear. I guess I have always found something to do and have fun doing it...

All I can suggest is, perhaps focus on something different than what you have been doing, and maybe that will work.

Andrew Coholic -MAAC #26287L

1/2A to giant scale, IMAC, SAM, R/C sport, turbine jets, Heli's...
if its got a wing or two and an engine - I like it!
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Re: has this ever happened to you???

Agree! I see it too! People sometimes have a very narrow focus in the hobby , get bored & miss the huge diversity that is available! Try control line, gliders, float flying, ski's, Helli's, scale, Cross country, glider towing, Formation flying, free flight ... the list goes on & on! Some one your age (I'm assuming you are under 70 years old) shouldn't be bored already! Kick in the old imagination!

Oh my! So little time - so much to try yet!
Hang time does not apply to ceiling fans, light fixtures, overhead door tracks or basketball nets!
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Re: has this ever happened to you???

Originally Posted by LGM Graphix View Post
I know a couple of guys you fly with and they agree that you're a talented pilot, but, there is a huge difference between flying 3D "Freestyle" and flying sequences, placing manouvers properly etc. Get involved in some competition, pattern, IMAC, whatever, you don't need high dollar airplanes to get started. Competing and being judged is a very humbling experience, many people who think they are "pushing the envelope" go into a competition expecting to clean up and get their butt's kicked.
There is a huge difference between flying a manouver and flying it correctly, in sequence and making it all flow.
You don't need 40%ers, or turbine jets to push yourself, what you need is somebody to be critical of your flying and to be critical of it yourself. There always used to be a great group of pattern guys in the edmonton area, I would think there still is, get involved with them, you'll see very quickly how much you have to learn.
agree 100%.. I really believe if you have a genuine love for this hobby, you can have a blast with next to no cash. If you dont have that love, all the $$ in the world cannot buy it for you - not a $12,000 jet, or a huge scale IMAC plane.

Andrew Coholic -MAAC #26287L

1/2A to giant scale, IMAC, SAM, R/C sport, turbine jets, Heli's...
if its got a wing or two and an engine - I like it!
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Re: has this ever happened to you???

I had a friend that once commented to me flying had become too staid for him and he was thinking of selling his plane. Told him the following, (he now flies for Air Canada Jazz). That boredom comes from lack of new challenges or plateaus to work for.

Sounds like you need to break the routine up a bit. As mentioned there are other aspects to this hobby to keep your interest and add challenge. Due to the fact weather frequently keeps me indoors for the winter and the only good days seem to be while I'm at work the challenge comes primarily from the build table till the new season starts. Then it's the reward of taking all that hard work into the air and learning its habits keeps me coming back.

Add something different into your hobby. If you are good with your hands buy a kit rather than an ARF or get into a different kind of plane and/or style of flying, (amphibs or floats are one example of a completely different environment). I have helis and even a recovery boat, each with their own set of requirements.

Boredom hits all of us at one time or another. I find there are more than enough aspects to this hobby to drive the wife nuts from my hiding away in the build room.
I know there's money in aviation........I put it there!
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Re: has this ever happened to you???

Any type of competition will bring back the old spark. It did for me for sure. I'm back into pattern and loving every minute. You'll find that the guys that compete are super people no matter what facet you decide on. I see you are in Edmonton. Here is a link to the Edmonton pattern contest for this year:


Hope you keep at it.


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Re: has this ever happened to you???

Hi Max, sorry to hear that you are getting bored, but as others have mentioned, you just need to expand a bit. Sure the 3D is great, but if thats all you do, no wonder you are bored. Some of the others have given some great ideas, I am going to break them down and give you a quick intro to some of them to help you get some ideas. Here we go:

Scale: I am not talking about the "so called" scale aerobats that are highly modified for 3D. I am talking about the real scale types like warbirds, general aviation types, and others. Airplanes that are truly scale outling and fly like the real thing. Try building a scale warbird. You will learn some real nice building skills, and you will learn how to fly on the WING and not just driving an engine around. Believe me, one flight with an less powerful, and high wingloading warbird or something will teach you more about how to really fly an airplane than 50 flights with your light, overpowered 3D planes.

Gliders: Tons of fun here. Generally a bit more relaxing as well. You will learn a whole lot about energy management. You will learn to plan your approaches so you don't have to walk too far. You will learn how to "read" the air. Your "deadstick" abilities with you other airplanes will improve. Plus, there is no words to describe the feeling of catching your first good thermal and "specking out" your glider. Plus the excitement of then trying to get it back

Helicopters: A whole new set of flying skills altogether!! Can be quite humbling as well

IMAC: You can do this usuing your current aerobatic airplane, just tone down the controls a bit. As a couple others have already mentioned, this will teach you to follow a set sequence, with your maneuvers as accurate as possible, and properly placed. Plus, if you build yourself a new airplane for doing this type of flying, power it so that it will not quite have unlimited vertical ability. This will force you to learn energy management, and you will learn how to get the absolute max out of an airplane without resorting to just "giver more throttle".

Pattern: Similar to IMAC, but requiring even more precision in the flying. Really will make you focus on accuracy.

Floats: Way to much fun...'nuff said

Control Line: Another whole new set of flying skills. May improve your reflexes too, keeping in mind that you are typically at full throttle the whole flight, and your max altitude is never more than the length of the lines. Keep in mind that depending on the size of airplane this could range from 70 feet to only 25 feet high!! Plus control line opens up a whole list of other possibilities eg: stunt, carrier, combat, speed to name a few.

Free Flight: I'm not talking about the $1.99 balsa chuck gliders. I am talking about the "real" free flights. Wakefield, peanut, scale, P-30, Bostonian, are all just a few of the many classes of rubber power aircraft you could get into. Some of these with flight times of over 10 minutes. Then you get into all the others such as hand launch, towline gliders, glow and electric power free flight. With free flight, you will learn how to properly trim an airplane. You will learn how CG affects trim, how the CG vs. incidence vs. trim all work together to get a good flying airplane. You will learn how to trim it to take into account the difference between power on and off (not as easy as it sounds, think about the torque in a rubber motor)

But, the biggest suggestion I would like to make is FORGET THE ARF's. Build something. Build yourself something unique, something that not everyone else out at the field has. Something that when you take it out to the field and fly, you will be truly proud of and can say "I built that".

I hope this gives you some idea of what else is available besides 3D and jets. There are so many options that I will never be able to do everything that I want to do myself. Give some of these others a go, you may surprise yourself with how much fun they can be, and how much fun building can be.

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Re: has this ever happened to you???

I ocassionally break up my 3D routine with something fast like a hotliner or 40" pylon racer. A 40" pylon airframe doing close to 200mph is garunteed to give you an adrenaline rush. Best part is you can put one together relativelly cheap compared to other "speed" segments of the hobby. $600 can get you really close to 200mph, and due to their small size they look even faster. Mine looked faster than the high $$$$ jet at our field.

If that doesn't get the adrenaline flowing, then give rc a break and buy something else like a dirt bike or paintball gun!
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