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Re: Maidenfest 2012.......cancelled

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This was not a public event. I was looking forward to the assistance of others who have already flown the jet I built. MAAC needs to rethink this decision as it seems to be counter to the procedures for safely flight testing a new model. I am very upset about this last minute decision for all involved.

Scott Johnston
MAAC 6077

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Re: Maidenfest 2012.......cancelled

WOW!! I can't believe this has happened! I was sooo looking forward to an event that was COOL and fairly close to my home.

All have expressed my opinions and thoughts so I will not bother to add mine.

OK, I can't hold back!

It sounds to me like the zone director is abusing his authority by threatening to perminently revoke KMAC's membership if they hold another fun fly with in a week and the fact that he waited until now to notify (threaten) the club. This smacks of someone who is going out of his way to flex his muscles and perhaps exact some type of revenge. No resonable person takes such actions after the amount of effort put in by a group fellow members. This person seems to see himself as a police officer of the zone rather than a representative of the members in his zone.

I would like to know how and when to vote for zone director. I believe KMAC has the same director as my club (Stoney Creek Hawks). If so, it was this same director who last year, organized an IMAC event at our club airport without cunsulting or involving us. FYI, the event turned out to be a HUGE failure!

Could someone please start a thread explaining how and when to vote for MACC zone director? thx
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Re: Maidenfest 2012.......cancelled

I'm a recent member of KMAC. Karl is amazing. As are so many others in the club. From day 1 when I was showing up with a friend of the club, I've been welcomed warmly even as a 'lowly foamie' flyer. And yes, I do have some 'real' aircraft too... as long as you allow 'real' to include 'electric'. I have nitros on the way and am planning to start working on my first gasser this summer and fall for next year as I progress in my skill levels. I would suggest that in many ways, I could be a 'modern' poster boy for the progression of flyers in the sport. Throughout it all, Karl and the KMAC family have been absolutely wonderful... inviting, encouraging, always ready to offer support and constructive advice, and always open to anything connected with the sport. Over the winter, I was one of those crazy ones who would be out in the -20C weather flying the stuffings out of my aircraft and virtually without exception, Karl would show up and attend to offer advice, support, and comraderie. In my experience, Karl 'gets it'. This is about getting out and having fun with rc whether it be a depron designed/built foamie, an EDF, or a 1/4 scale gasser. For me, KMAC has epitomized the spirit of encouraging and advancing RC. It galls me to think that MAAC would consider pulling KMAC's charter and going the further vendictive step of banning a club from EVER EXISTING in Georgina.

It's a shame that this has occurred and on the surface at least, it appears that MAAC's integrity and operating style is questionable at best. Those of us who are MAAC members deserve some accountability, the same level that Karl exhibits within KMAC, regarding their decision and thought process. I don't have to agree with their decision but as a KMAC and a MAAC member, I feel I deserve to know why it was made.

Regardless of any justification, this is truly a sad day for the sport. I can only hope that saner minds will prevail and the future will be more inviting. In the meantime, I will be voicing my concerns with the MAAC reps in Toledo this weekend.

Thanks Karl, Brad and Dave and everyone else connected with organizing what promised to be an awesome event. Perhaps once the dust settles and cooler heads prevail, a bonafide fun-fly could be held so everyone reading this board can come and experience the exceptional hospitality and comraderie that I have found at KMAC.

Dave Foster

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Re: Maidenfest 2012.......cancelled

I just called MAAC office and talked to the receptionist there, she said, 2 weeks ago there was AGM held at Maac and this was brought up in the board meeting, all safety members including chief of safety was there too. A vote was held to add "RC" into the first of the safety rules and it was voted in by all the board members in that meeting.

Now form one of the post's it obvious that NO ONE from Maac including Clair Murry who is the zone director contacted or notified the Keswick club about this change!. Why she could not tell, but she did said it's to do with zone director of that area.

To me it sounds like, this was done on purpose as a attack and the fact that ZD didn't bothered to contact or notify himself to Keswick club, does sounds like dirty politics are the cause of it.

I did get ZD and president's numbers and i am going to call them to see what they have to say about it, i think we collectively call them today and ask them these questions, i'm sure something will change with last minute addition of "RC" as a change to rule number 1 in safety rules....
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Re: Maidenfest 2012.......cancelled

it's a big shame this had to happen, I was really looking forward to this event, I had put extra thought and care into the build of my wing and the excitement and anticipation to see everyone else's creation all turned into one big disappointment.

on the other hand maybe this is what we all needed to take some serious action and try to make some serious changes within MAAC.
can't we all pull together and fight this?
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ken park
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Re: Maidenfest 2012.......cancelled

Originally Posted by Yuvski View Post
it's a big shame this had to happen, I was really looking forward to this event, I had put extra thought and care into the build of my wing and the excitement and anticipation to see everyone else's creation all turned into one big disappointment.

on the other hand maybe this is what we all needed to take some serious action and try to make some serious changes within MAAC.
can't we all pull together and fight this?
In this modern age of computers can someone put together a form letter of complaint and if MAAC mail box gets jammed full from across Canada would be a good start.

Not Happy with this
Ken Park
Not Happy? - Form your own Jet club "OVJ"
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Re: Maidenfest 2012.......cancelled

I am posting this without prejudice.

Well I have been watching this evolve for the last year and I am surprised and yet not. Read this through. The best info in this post is towards the end of this post, you will probably be shocked! I didn't want to put it first for fear your blood would boil and you wouldn't get through this post.

Keep a few things in mind:

1) The only thing that matters is what is in writing. The rest is all entertainment.
2) Is your event sanctioning in writing?
3) Have you received any other notification in writing from MAAC about your event?
4) It woulldn't be the first time a zone director has verbally threatened to take away a clubs sanctioning. There was a thread last year about charging for lessons and the so called Sh** hit the fan and it went no where.
5) MAAC is governed by it's bylaws. I am sure there is something in there about removing a sanction from a club, the reasons and the procedures.
6) MAAC is notorious about a lot of noise and so called "safety in numbers" ie the board. Try and getting something in writing with someone willing to take the responsibility is another story.
7) I and others have some inside experience with MAAC and it's behaviour. I wouldn't write this event off yet.
it's not about the letter of the law , it's the intent that matters. If the problem is "spectators" with no previous flights, then every club in Canada is at risk. The problem here is not MAAC sanctioning, it's whether your insured or not.

Just a note. I have always wondered why clubs bothered "sanctioning" an event other than to get it published in the calendar and put in the magasine. Unless it is being haeld at a field that is not currently registered or there is a major change in layout etc for the event. I don't believe it is a requirement to be "sanctioned", whatever that means, to have some people over to fly. I have asked to be proven wrong about this in the past "in writing" and have never received an answer.

If your field is legal in layout, setbacks etc. If the safety rules are followed and enforced, and if the club has all pilots that are flying show proof of MAAC and sign a form that says this is not a maiden and this plane has flown before. I don't believe it is an insurance issue. For the record I have been at many so called sanctioned fun flys where safety rules are violated and announcers have stated that "so and so is doing a maiden flight for so and so's plane today". Whenever I questioned anything like that the response was usually well the zone directior was there and knew about it. Is if for some reason that matters. Gotta love a world driven by egos.

Have MAAC put in writing about your clubs ability to have some people over for flying on the 20th 0r 27th, you follow all rules of safety etc and get it in writing about why that may jeopardise a loss of club sanctioning.

This is another case of fear mongering without facts. MAAC is governed by it's bylaws, not a bunch of irritated old men.

This is just a comment from one of "the great unwashed" as referred to in an email received by me from a recent past president, December 9, 2008 at 7:41 am. I knew I kept this for a reason, but didn't know why at the time. I'll let the readers decide how he feels/felt about membership in general! Quote


For the most part, your posts are more intelligent and accurate than those of the great unwashed,"

I had hoped I would never have to make this statement public, but MAAC has crossed the line for me on this one.

This was the perspective of the MAAC membership in general. Kinda stinks doesn't it. It's hard to keep quiet on this one.

Unless it's in writing it's only entertainment. FYI all board meetings are recorded and filmed for the record. At least they used to be. Very few people go on the record because of it.
John Kovats

aka Johnny Versatile

MAAC 65460

Hespeler Model Aviators Inc.
Cambridge Float Flyers

I don't have the answers, but I have a personal relationship with the Guy that does.
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Re: Maidenfest 2012.......cancelled

Originally Posted by Kargon View Post
I already asked Clair Murray this and was told NO, in MAACs view we would just be hiding Maidenfest and this would be cause to pull our charter.
Just plain wrong and no way can MAAC make this decision. Does this zone director not have any trust in his members if they say and have others as proof of a plane being flown? Do we have to post a video for every maiden? Not over by a long shot...
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Re: Maidenfest 2012.......cancelled

BREAKING NEWS !!!!!!!!!!
The funfly for next Saturday the 21st at Keswick model aircraft club is back on.
It is no longer maidenfest.

The boys in Toledo had a good conversation with Ron Dodd the current MAAC president.
He has given his blessing !!!!!!!!

The name of the event is nolonger Maidenfest,
It is now going to be a season opener funfly ( Name to follow shortly )

A new sanction is being applied for at Ron's request.

There is one stipulation

All aircraft must be maidened and flown before attending the funfly at the Keswick field

Stay tuned for further updates over the weekend

Let Me Think About It

Brad Egan MAAC 48597
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Re: Maidenfest 2012.......cancelled


May I offer a name for it...

"The Ultimate Funfly"
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