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Grandmaster G
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wow....its about time

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Exclusive! Traxxas powers up REVO and T-MAXX with ALL NEW TRX 3.3 ENGINE

More power. It's what every monster trucker wants, no matter how powerful their truck may already be—for proof, just look at how popular big-block conversions are for the T-Maxx 2.5 and Revo, two trucks that already have a power-to-weight ratio and the performance that goes with it to best some of RC's biggest big-block monsters. But hey, if you want more power, Traxxas wants to give it to you. Enter the TRX 3.3, Traxxas' latest powerplant. It's still a small block, but it makes big-block power with its .20ci displacement (3.3cc, hence the name), and it's the cornerstone of the new Revo 3.3 and T-Maxx 3.3. But if you think Traxxas just dropped new engines into the trucks and called it a day, you'd be wrong. Very wrong.
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Grandmaster G
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Exclusive! Traxxas powers up REVO and T-MAXX with ALL NEW TRX 3.3 ENGINE
Revo 3.3
If the Revo 3.3 looks a little longer in the nose, that's because it is; the entire front clip, from the shock caps forward, is moved out to extend the wheelbase by 30mm. The extra distance increases the truck's stability, always a good thing when you're strapping more power into the chassis. Extra suspension travel can't hurt either, and Traxxas obliges by installing the P2 suspension rockers (the standard Revo setup uses the P1 rockers.) The 3.3 engine drops into the standard mounts, but an extra spar under the mounts adds increases strength and rigidity. A new body is the finishing touch; it still has the original Revo look, but it's stretched to match the 3.3 version's longer wheelbase and gets new graphics.

• TRX 3.3 engine, 60% more power than TRX 2.5 according to Traxxas
• Wide-ratio 2-speed gearing
• 30mm longer wheelbase
• Longer body with new graphics
• Reinforced engine mount
• P2 rockers installed
• SS (Split Spoke) mirror chrome wheels
• Included charger can now juice up EZ-Start battery (battery not included)
• Accepts optional center diff and rear brake

It would be easy to mistake the Revo 3.3 for the standard truck at a glance, but the larger head and extended chassis give it away.

The chassis is extended where the shocks reach across, for an extra 30mm of wheelbase.

The flip side reveals the reinforced engine mount.

To match the longer wheelbase, the Revo 3.3’s body is stretched from the windshield forward. Graphics are new too.


T-Maxx 3.3
When Traxxas introduced the Revo, you couldn't help but wonder what would happen to the T-Maxx. Would the Revo render it obsolete, or would the mighty Maxx stand on its own alongside its more advanced sibling? As it turns out (and as any hobby shop owner will tell you), the T-Maxx is still a giant in the monster truck scene, and sells just as strongly as the Revo. And so, keeping it up to date with the latest monster-tech just makes sense. In addition to the 3.3 engine upgrade, the T-Maxx has received a major organ donation from the Revo. The transmission internals, slipper clutch, and brake are lifted directly from the Revo, with all the benefits of Optidrive, reduced rotating mass, more powerful stopping and heat-shedding slipper pads intact. The T-Maxx 3.3 also wears the Revo's bellows-sealed, large-diameter axles. They're stronger and more efficient than the old Maxx parts, thanks to their true curvilinear splines. The Revo's steering hubs and their sealed pivot balls are also found on the Maxx, along with the Revo's multi-surface Talon tires. Though Revo-sized, the wheels are unique to the new Maxx and dubbed "SS" (short for Split Spoke) by Traxxas. To cope with the extra power and increased traction, the Maxx has also been beefed up with beefier front and rear bulkheads, shock towers and body mounts, and the chassis is now a full 4mm thick. It’s solid! The finishing touch is a snap-on wheelie bar with three height settings. You can set it low to keep the front end planted, use the middle position for cool-but-controllable wheelstands, or choose the high setting for all-the-way-across-the-parking-lot wheelies.

• TRX 3.3 engine, 60% more power than TRX 2.5 according to Traxxas
• TRX 3.3 engine, 60% more power than TRX 2.5 according to Traxxas
• Revo transmission internals with 2-speed, reverse, Torque Control slipper clutch and brake
• New Rx box with clamping antenna mount and Optidrive unit
• New heavier-duty engine mount
• Revo bellows-sealed, oversized drive shafts
• Revo hub carriers with bellows-sealed pivot balls
• Revo-size SS (Split Spoke) mirror chrome wheels
• Revo Talon tires
• 4mm chassis, no more exhaust hole
• Strengthened bulkheads and shock towers with Revo body mounts
• Strengthened engine mount and diff housings
• New-look gray plastics and white springs
• Full hex hardware
• Rubber-sealed bearings
• 3-position wheelie bar

New graphics, Talon tires, and Split Spoke wheels let you know this is a T-Maxx 3.3.

Gray plastics and white springs are the hallmarks of the updated T-Maxxes.

The Revo’s sealed axles and pivot balls are standard on the T-Maxx 3.3 and 2.5R.

The 3.3 gets this clever wheelie bar. you can install it, remove it, and set its height without tools.

A new receiver box accomodates the Optidrive “brain” and incorporates a clamping antenna mount.

The 3.3 and 2.5R both get their transmission internals, slipper clutch, and brake from the Revo.

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Heres some pics,

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Grandmaster G
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Here are the engine details.

Traxxas TRX racing engines are fueled by a passion for performance, innovation and quality. Traxxas engineers are dedicated to redefining the state of the art in engine technology. This includes listening to our customers, and developing new standards and conventions that would meet the performance challenge.

The TRX 3.3 Racing Engine™ draws from a legacy of precision Traxxas engine design and manufacturing. Traxxas has always been at the forefront of innovation, beginning with the powerful and reliable TRX Pro.15. Next, the Traxxas EZ-Start™ system ushered in a new era of convenience and ease of use with true, push-button electric starting. EZ-Start later evolved to incorporate built-in diagnostic functions, LED indicators, a constant-voltage glow plug circuit, and more powerful starter motors. Then came the TRX 2.5, a marvel of award-winning power and technology that sent the bar for Ready-To-Race® performance to unimaginable new heights.

Fast forward to the present and 14 years of nitro engine development have culminated into the most powerful TRX engine ever made, the new TRX 3.3 Racing Engine. It embodies everything we’ve learned from over a decade of making engines more powerful, more reliable, and easier to use. The TRX 3.3 Racing Engine is so powerful it establishes a whole new classification of power…. Extreme Power!

The TRX 3.3 produces an extreme 60% more peak horsepower compared to the TRX 2.5! The overall power under the curve is nearly 50% greater to deliver the smooth, linear power output TRX engines are famous for. The TRX 3.3 Racing Engine offers thoroughbred race engine performance that’s absolutely second to none. There’s no penalty to pay for having more power either. The TRX 3.3 Racing Engine is equipped with EZ-Start push-button electric starting and simple, reliable tuning from the two-needle composite slide carburetor. Plus it’s backed by the support and reliability you expect from Traxxas including the Exclusive Lifetime Engine Replacement Plan.

The TRX 3.3 Racing Engine is truly the pinnacle of power and reliability and represents the commitment to total performance Traxxas carries to the customer.

· Extreme Power
· Reliability
· Ease of Use
· Unmatched Support.

Traxxas Lifetime Engine Replacement Plan
Years ago we saw a need for our customers to have an easy and affordable way to keep the performance in their nitro models factory fresh. Our solution is our Lifetime Engine Replacement Plan, developed exclusively for our customers. Engines wear out over time and need to be rebuilt. Rebuilding engines from parts can be costly and time consuming, let alone outside the mechanical skills of many enthusiasts. With the Traxxas Lifetime Engine Replacement plan, a worn out or damaged engine can be traded in for a brand-new, factory-fresh TRX Racing Engine right away by simply exchanging your worn engine at your local hobby store. The cost is 1?2 of the retail price of the new replacement engine. It’s less expensive than rebuilding the engine yourself and you get the peace of mind knowing your engine is brand new (not refurbished), and ready to deliver the power and reliability you expect.

Extreme Upgrades
The Lifetime Engine Replacement Plan is the extreme power upgrade path for any model equipped with a TRX 2.5 or 2.5R Racing Engine. When you’re ready, you can use the plan to trade up to the TRX 3.3 Racing Engine and watch your speed and acceleration soar. The TRX 3.3 is 100% “drop-in” compatible with TRX 2.5 and 2.5R equipped models. For less than the price of a poorly supported aftermarket engine, you can have extreme TRX 3.3 power with 100% drop-in installation, EZ-Start electric starting, full Traxxas reliability and support, and power that is absolutely second to none. Ask your hobby dealer for all the details.

TRX 3.3 Racing Engine Parts Descriptions:
Piston and Sleeve
The lightweight reciprocating assembly allows higher revving performance and reduced parts stress. The piston is composed of proprietary material resulting in less wear and extended engine life. The material for both the piston and sleeve (true ABC construction) were selected for their consistent fit throughout the engine's operating temperature range. The sleeve ports are larger offering more efficiency and better scavenging for increased power..

IPS Crankshaft
The new crankshaft design has dyno-proven timing and port flow to optimize fuel delivery into the engine. The crank is surface hardened, precision ground and micro-polished for superior life and durability. Traxxas IPS crankshaft design makes the TRX 3.3 compatible with any model equipped with a TRX 2.5 or TRX 2.5R Racing Engine.

Connecting Rod
Knife-edged connecting rod reduces internal drag and turbulence designed to handle the power of the TRX 3.3. The channeled design directs oil flow down to the crankshaft.

Push-Button Electric Starting
The Traxxas EZ-Start is a hallmark of Traxxas Engines. The Traxxas EZ-Start ushered in a new generation of electric starting and today it is still the safest and most convenient solution, delivering on the promise of true, one-handed, single-button electric starting. In an instant, EZ-Start lights the glow plug with a powerful constant voltage circuit and spins the engine. Built-in diagnostics alert you if the glow plug has failed and monitors the starter motor for the most reliable, troublefree engine starting possible.

TRX Composite Slide Carburetor
The TRX 3.3 is equipped with same high-performance slide carburetor that has reliably powered a generation of TRX Racing Engines. The slide type carburetor provides less restrictive, straight through airflow for more power and improved throttle response. Because it is molded, Traxxas engineers incorporated superior internal design enhancements and precision not possible with traditional machined carburetor. The composite material does not transfer heat like aluminum for more consistent tuning.

The TRX 3.3 uses a new crankcase engineered with high-tech porting, and cooling refinements to boost power output. Precision casting provides the strength needed for the TRX 3.3’s high power output. The external dimensions allow the TRX 3.3 to fit anywhere a TRX 2.5 or TRX 2.5R was installed.

Ball Bearings
The quality and smoothness of an engine's ball bearings contribute to the life and performance of the engine. The TRX 3.3 uses only top-grade, ultra-high performance, large diameter ball bearings. Top quality bearings improve power by reducing parasitic friction. The rear engine bearing uses a high-tech composite cage for reliable operation at engine speeds that approach 50,000rpm!

Straight-through Exhaust Flow
The rear facing round exhaust port provides unrestricted "straight-through" exhaust flow. There are other rear exhaust engines, but the innovative shape of the TRX 3.3's exhaust port was carefully engineered to provide unrestricted exhaust flow while at the same time, maintaining a low exhaust port height. The low exhaust port height provides a longer duration power stroke for increased efficiency and total power output.

O-Ring Exhaust Gasket
The exhaust header features an extra-tough, finned mounting base that dissipates heat and is sealed with a reliable O-ring gasket. This virtually eliminates troublesome, messy exhaust leaks that steal engine power and efficiency.

PowerTune™ Head
The giant Powertune machined aluminum cooling head promotes even heat distribution for stable engine temps and rock-solid tuning consistency. The newly designed molded head protector is securely fastened to the top of the head with precision hex screws.

Head Protector
The impact resistant head protector is secured to cylinder head with screws so it won't fall off. It's designed to absorb harsh impacts and to protect your cylinder head from rollovers.

High-Volume Air Filter
The air filter is often overlooked as being a key to engine performance and life. Not so with the TRX Racing Engines! It's ultra low-restriction air filter provides superior air-flow and filtration for more power and long engine life. The inside of the filter mates perfectly to the carburetor to eliminate turbulence as air passes through the carburetor. The two-stage design features a reusable oiled foam element that's easy to maintain, and a built-in fine-mesh pre-filter.
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the engine is not the big news... its the longer chassis and the centre diff with rear brake... these things will make the revo untouchable in the monster truck class
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Grandmaster G
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I am glad now that I unloaded my 'old' REVO
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looks cool.. centre diff option would make it a most races anyway.. but cooooooooooooooooooooooooool.....

A new TMAXX.. good for them.. better bulk heads.. goooood....
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I feel that the RevoTRX2.5 are not out of date nor old. As for the T-Maxx... Yes old technology for sure.

The 3.3 engine is a direct drop in for the exsisting Revo. But there are bigger engines that will fit the Revo with a proper mount and some of them include the mounts like the RB and Sirio.

But the 3.3 is only a .20cc enigne. It'll be interesting to know the approx HP on it, just to compare it to the 18tm and tz. My Sirio .23 equipped Revo is rated at 3HP. I believe with my WR and 17/36 gearing I'll spank the Revo 3.3 to the moon.

The extended Chassis can be bought for about $60US and the rest of the new parts are just up grades that can be added on to any Revo at any time. Maybe even cheaper off eBay. Besides a extended chassis is already available from aftermarket companies.

I thought I write this so not to get current Revo owners feeling that their Revo's are out of date or old news. It's just really nice to see Traxxas' listening to their customers and coming out with new Traxxas hop-ups that will meet the needs of racers and bashers.

I'll have a Nitropolitan...

4 parts Sidewinder Race Blend 30%
2 part Nitro Speed Scent (Crazy Cotton Candy)
1 part Nitro Speed Scent (Very Cherry)

Shake and strain into a chilled glass.
Garnish with a lime wedge.
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they update the t-maxx but what about the e-maxx?? i know you can use the new stuff from the new t-maxx to but on the e-maxx but what i wont to know is there going to a new e-maxx? that would be nice. but what i dont under stand is they befft it up some but why not the diff?? would thing after fixing most of it they stop at the diff come on.
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I was kidding about unloading my 'old' no means whatsoever is a current REVO outdated......bigger engine and extended chassis can all be added.......


If your in the market for a the 3.3
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