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Old 08-22-2006, 09:30 PM   #11
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I don't know about all of this 19T/27T class stuff, If we decide to start splitting classes then we are gonna have 4-5 guys per class, what fun is that? If Sid's runs a trophy race then he will have to shell out more for trophies because everyone and their brother wants their own class, now instead of 4 classes now we are gonna have god knows how many diff classes. I say we stick with what we have for now and expand on it, develop it to the max then think about adding more classes. This is getting out of hand. The top 4 in the A-Main 2wd all pretty much ran diff motors, batteries etc... and all of our fastest times are so friggin close it could of been anyones race, hell I ran 6 year old kinda matched 2000's I still managed 4th in the "A". Is everyone bored already and need to change things up??? I don't understand sometimes.
End of rant, but not the last..LOL
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Old 08-22-2006, 10:01 PM   #12
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i just kinda wanna jump in here before everyone starts a huge fight... no i have not yet been to sids.. im pissed i havent to be honest... but 1) i dont have an electric offroad.... 2) it is to broad... yes at first everyone can get away with "run-whatcha-brung" its good.. but when u wanna get organized racing it gets foolish in my eyes...

another thing... to have a young kid come out and get whomped first time out cuz the older guys have the money for BL and hes running a 27T or 19T or silver can or w/e... is gonna make him give up and not want to enjoy the hobby...

by making seperate classes... YES u may split the group up and only have 4-5 guys per heat... BUT if everyone can agree on a class... run that class... keep that class... and later when enough r together... set-up a second class do that.... y not have 19T with a cap on the batt size and then an outlaw? remember.. the faster u run, the more u break and wear out

if 2WD buggy is going 27T 1) can i get sum rules on what motors/batts ect? and 2) ill be out as soon as i get a buggy

just my 2 cents... dont bite my head off just dont wanna see a sick track go down cuz grown men cant play like little kids:P
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Old 08-22-2006, 11:08 PM   #13
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Thumbs up classes

I'm in for that 19 turn 4wd class .I used a 19 turn at the race and ended up 1st in the B's.Any brushless system can smoke a brushed motor but also it comes down to the experience factor .I just got back into off road and things are coming back to me and also this is my first season (almost) running a 4wd car and its alot different form 2wd I must say. for a 19 turn class and lose the brushless ,make it far for all cause not alot of kids can afford the high end stuff or I should say the parents would rather buy a 60 70 dollar motor over a brushless system any day when they cost almost 300 and up .
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Old 08-22-2006, 11:45 PM   #14
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I would be interested in a 19t class, heck, I'm already there. As my driving skills improve I will also try lower turn motors and probably a brushless motor as well (likey the low/no maintenance, extra punch, and "ridiculous speed" - Spaceballs reference). So the open class interests me as well.

I understand the concerns stated above about alienating new drivers, however, they should come with the knowledge that they are not going to start winning right off the bat. You're going to have to practice to get better, just like everybody else. I'm teaching my 8 and 5 year old that now. They try driving on the track and are learning that hey!, this is not as easy as it looks. When they start racing it will be in the lower mains along side the people at their current skill level. That's the key, there will almost alway's be someone in the same boat as you as far as experience (newbie, rookie, pro, uber pro, etc....). So you can compete with others and have fun.

The other opinion I'll throw out there is that, in my limited experience, if the drivers want a new class formed, and there are enough drivers to support it, the class is started. The breakpoint where you have enough drivers, IMHO, is enough to make a couple of mains. Are we there yet at Sid's, not in my opinion. Will it get to the point where we need to split up the classes? ......... I certainly hope so, because when that happens, it will mean that Sid's is attracting so many drivers that you need to split the classes to make it more fair for what people want to run (open, stock, 19T with spec batts, whatever.....). Until that happens, run what ya brung, because we are fortunate to have a track at Sid's that is just the right size to make almost any motor competitive!
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Old 08-23-2006, 12:03 AM   #15
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i dont get u guys saying it would b cheeper to run a spec class with battery limites , motors . how is that going to b cheeper , it means i will have to buy more . i am poor . i have to save up for stuff so i saved up for the best and now u want to run something else . this is just a example . i am not poor nor do i care what u run . i will womp u all
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Old 08-23-2006, 12:55 AM   #16
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Great comments by some - but one very important point is that IT IS NOT THE MOTOR THAT WILL MAKE YOU WIN.... nor will the batteries, or anything else that you plug into your car. A better driver with a 10 turn is still gonna be the better driver with a 27-turn. Sid's is working right now... the A-main is a fine example of you don't need a crazy-fast motor to place well... it's up to driving ability. Get more practice in and you will do better.

IMO the spirit of this discussion is beginning to go in the wrong direction. Yes, a stock class would be nice when the attendance can support it - until then, running an open set-up makes it less complicated so that we adults can play with our toy cars and hope to bring home a bowling trophy. Like Kevin said, changing the format will only make it more expensive for many of the drivers that do not have a certain motor ... watering down the small group of drivers that we have now to multiple groups will only slow down the growth of the club. The suggestion to go to a stock and a modified system will work great once the club reaches 120 or so active members - until then, let's be happy that we have a place to run.
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Old 08-23-2006, 05:10 AM   #17
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Just to jump in here quickly. For everyone who thinks BL systems are too much money think about this....You can buy a used setup for roughly $180 CDN or even new $299 now compare that to going and buying a decent ESC ($170 CDN) and a good 19T ($75 CDN) total $245 CDN, but theres a catch, your 19T can only be run anywhere from 5-10 runs before you need a now you need brushes ($6 CDN) you need to cut the comm. so now you need to either buy a comm lathe ($100 CDN used) or find a shop to do it ($5 CDN) so now your up to what...about $350ish. But if your going to run the same motor for practice, qualifying, and the Main, it isn't going to last so long, so your gonna need a few motors. Now the BL system, there is no real maintenance, I don't need to cut the comm or replace total maintenance cost is $0. This is way people are running BL systems..they are cheaper over all and zero to very little maintenance. And as for a young kid coming out and getting whomped by someone with a BL..I don't think the BL system had anything to do with it This is why we have to qualify and have A,B,C...mains, it takes practice and hard work to make the A, not $$$$ like in some other forms of racing. So if you come out and only make the B or C, well then you need to work on your driving and car setup, thats all there is to it. The Novak 5800 SS isn't far off the speed or torque of a 19T anyways.
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Old 08-23-2006, 08:31 AM   #18
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One reason only

there is only 1 reason to make a "STOCK" class and thats to try and bring competition to a more even level.

Its again about being inclusive - why? are we not spliting it up? no.. you are "adding" a class to allow people with varing levels of experience and equipment to at least compete, OR feel like they are competing.

When you want to introduce new people to the hobby.. having a stock class is inviting.. having an open - run what you brung class is not.

This is not a new concept.. it is used in the most popular form of racing in North America NASCAR - OH and Indy car, and Champ car, legends racing.... etc..etc..etc..

No one disputes that the better driver you are the better you will run in STOCK or mod. ITs about perception... new people, novices, kids, need a class to build confidence in driving.

Spin it another way maybe... call it NOVICE class? If you win 2 mains in that class you have to leave?(2,3 whatever)

My first point I think still works in this conversation.. Have a drivers meeting.. if there are 5 people that want to run a class.. run it?@#$!? Whats the big deal?
James aka Bikerbob
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Old 08-23-2006, 08:58 AM   #19
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split up classes

Hey while we are at it, can we have a seniors class for old farts like me?

Just kidding.

In all honesty did anybody who ran the last trophy race not have fun.
Heck I can't speak 100% for Earl, but I know he had a great time, and only made the B main in truck. HE never finished the race because he broke, but he had a great time. He knows that he is new, and didn't expect to make the A main, but had fun all day.

Isn't that what this is all about, is having fun.

Sure during club races we can setup a novice class where we throw all the younger newer drivers into one class for 10th scale, and maybe split them up for 18th if there is enough drivers, but right now we don't have enough people to split up classes.

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Old 08-23-2006, 10:28 AM   #20
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The reason we have diff mains (A,B,C etc..) is so that you can race with others that are of the same skill and speed, as you get faster you move up, its that simple. So if you run a stock motor and your skill isn't as good as a top guy then you will run in the proper group. Just because you are in the B,C etc.. main doesn't make your race any less important. So if you think about it we already have diff classes (sub classes), they are just under one main class. Untill we get 70-80 people coming out I think "open" class is just the way it has to be. Most places, esp elec. offroad are all open classes, its not till you start getting into onroad do you start to see splits in classes (because horsepower comes into play). So lets see what happens next year, maybe we can draw enough people in to start new classes.
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