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Old 11-30-2007, 07:29 AM   #301
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OK good morning VIETNAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Originally Posted by GLORCS View Post
Hey I'm playing a bit of devils advocate

I just want to make sure the reins are being put in the right hands thats all. Its actually a relief and not disappointment because now I can get back to having fun and someone else can get abused

I think it was bad form for Carlton not to have contacted us in advance directly before it became public perhaps his offer would have been more appealing than say roars ( talking lpng term prospective)

I don't buy the money thing. If ive learned one thing in life its that nothing is free. I doubt Carlton is extending the olive branch to poor Canadian clubs with out some longer term plan but the immediate plan from his words sounds great and time will tell.

Oh and endler you may not like me but spare me the disparaging accusations your a director and an rcps representative its time to start acting like a leader. Ive got better things to do then create bogus forum accounts and post comments. If ive got something to say ill say it I don't have time for those kid games, but on a side note it is a legitimate question and I am interested in some of those details myself.

Btw to clarify I think that if the rcps is to go and its to function there is no reason why Carlton shouldnt make money from it. As a Business is a business and in the business of making money. LOL

You were the one who called me out?

I didn't even think for a second that the poster (RC Media) was you. If thats what your'e trying to say.Your interested in some of those things are ya? Then READ!

I left your post go by without a comment for a reason. But im not much for sitting back and saying nothing. Much like yourself? So leave me out of it!

The day I believe that my own Shop who helps me a great deal and vice-versa left me "out of the loop" for 2 guys (Rob and Francis do the computer stuff most of the time I don't usually thats why you were pointed in thier direction)those guys dont even run in the series. Well I got no comment about that nor do I really care. Ya youre gonna tell me the truth and they are gonna lie to me.. OK whatever whats done is done...

You still lost the hat IMO.Action was more than capable to be considered as a final track. But whats done is done. It aint my track...

All this "riens in the right place" talk...Come on man this is ridiculous...Go run your GLORCS series and relax! Ill be there for some races like EVERY YEAR! Even though I and all the guys I come with have mostly more than a 4 hour trip to each one. Take a look at a map sometime. I don't know what im getting into anyway remember?

Todd I never said I didnt like any of you (or any of the other guys!)nor will I even still after this I know from the bottom of your post your business is your baby so you take care of that. Race or do whatever you do and Have fun... I had a blast last year and intend on a repeat season this year. Hurry up try and make me look bad again when ive done nothing but stick my neck out for the racers. Youre not gonna get another post out of me............Endler OUT!

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Old 11-30-2007, 07:42 AM   #302
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Well its my turn(one of the little guys)......

First off, I think that BOTH series need to just stop this "**fest" that is happening between the directors(last year is last year), all this is going to do is get on every racer nerves, both sides need to act like pro's, if you want the respect of the racers, it doesn't matter how great either series says there going to be, if you guys "---- off" the racers they with either go to one side or the other, or just drop both series off at the curb.

my personall thought(maybe others also)....

everybody knows who the hell Rick Endler is.... I've been racing the GLORCS series since it started, and I still don't know what the GLORCS directors even look like

PS; with at said lets keep the "**fest" going its something to read other than the 4-sale section,
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Old 11-30-2007, 08:33 AM   #303
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Now i no why i like you Todd , straight to the point .

Take to crying and complaining ,and he said, she said stuff to pm or pick up the phone.. ive heard enough of it .

Here is the reality of it Pro series Canada is here, and here to stay .

If Glorcs decides to run that great if not thats fine to . If you guys decide to run next year , this is not the way to start it. ( With both sides harbouring bad feelings) What happen last year, is last year .

Rise above it and move on .

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Old 11-30-2007, 08:50 AM   #304
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Originally Posted by matt View Post
Now i no why i like you Todd , straight to the point .

Take to crying and complaining ,and he said, she said stuff to pm or pick up the phone.. ive heard enough of it .

Here is the reality of it Pro series Canada is here, and here to stay .

If Glorcs decides to run that great if not thats fine to . If you guys decide to run next year , this is not the way to start it. ( With both sides harbouring bad feelings) What happen last year, is last year .

Rise above it and move on .

well said....gimpy:GRIN:

how come their's only one person that keeps mentioning money

todd, glorcs is a great series but like i kept saying to you all along...it's drawing to much away from the local club race's with all the races. the rcps is gonna be a club level series and will award points for people attending their local tracks(but you can race any track in the series and have it count towards your points) and those points will qual. them for the finals

now i know for a fact that coors contacted you awhile back about putting the 2 together and you told them no "were glorcs" and i also know that carlton contacted you a few times with no responce from you

everything that is generated from the canadian rcps(ex.,race fee's,sponcer's donations,ect.) will stay in canada and put back into the series

now back on track people
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Old 11-30-2007, 07:42 PM   #305
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yes Gary flegel tried last year
but the offer was substantially different then it is now

But in the same token after year one i sent several emails to carlton asking to exchange schedule ideas so we could work around the rcps schedule so members who wanted to do the division closest could take advantage of that but I didn't hear back. Why. Likely because it wasn't in his business interest much like I feel rcps isn't the best for ours right now

But truly this is a waste of time my decision is made as is yours


Glorcs Racing. The only true racing experience.
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Old 12-01-2007, 01:31 AM   #306
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why don't you, make rule changes to so that your series(GLORCS) is different the RCPRO, something like an "outlaw" type of buggy, truggy, monster truck class, where anything goes, run-whatcha-brung, and let the racers decide, what they want to race, remember the series directors don't make a series good, the racers do, if its fun, and maybe affordable them they will decide themselves which way to go.

If there are rules the rules must be inforced, all of them, not just something minor like fuel tube length?!!?, if you don't have the "man power" or the want to asign a tech offical, them don't have rules

I have raced(in full scale race cars) in "outlaw" series in the states and they are awsome!!!!

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Old 12-01-2007, 08:56 AM   #307
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This whole thing has been blown way out of proportion. :KABOOM:

I think someone feels threatened. Why not just work hard at what's been built and keep going and see what happens. If you don't like it. Do what you think needs to be done. There's no point to getting upset about this. Nothing you can do about it. Your not in control anyways.

Why waste time argueing on here. It gets you no where. But worked up anyways.

If you guys are going to continue though. I will get some popcorn and a cold drink and just shake my head in amazement.
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Old 12-01-2007, 03:18 PM   #308
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the little guy

Well I have sat and watched this thread as a new, but very enthusiastic racer. I attended my first two races this year and both were GLORC events and I thoroughly enjoyed both of them (Sprucewood and Hardcore).

I only know two people on here as far as "names to faces" and that would be Mac and Jay. I had the pleasure of meeting Dave prior to his race and have a lot of respect for him from that meeting and since, as well as his post in this thread, for being adult, as opposed to some of the other posts. I have gotten to know some of the racers but I am mainly referring to "organizers" at the mo. I'm not sure who "GLORCS" on this forum is but I assume you are the "head honcho" of the series and if I understand you correctly you are pulling out of that position because "another kid wants to play in your playground". Can you imagine how this looks to an outsider (along with my very good buddy ... also new to RC)? We both have intentions of attending many (if not all) of the GLORC events in 2008 and unfortunately,club racing is not really an option for us as we are in Bowmanville and even though we would love to race every weekend there are no "quality" tracks (sorry Peterborough ... hoping the changes being made will change this opinion ) close enough to make this possible. So ... we are planning our summer in relation to the GLORC schedule (and thus why it is so important that you stick to it as posted) with the occasional 1.5 hr drive to Hardcore. We would also like to try a few others out that way as our busy "married with children" lives allow us.

Sorry for being so long winded but I needed to give some background. It would seem we are the ones all of you organizers (both GLORC and RCPRO) should be concerned with. We are the growth in which you all speak of. To be completely honest, GLORCS is not being represented very well in this thread, thus far at least. Who are the organizers of GLORCS? Are they all in this forum?

If I may be so uninformed, may I ask how the organizers of GLORCS were selected? If in fact that was the case. It seems to me that the directors of GLORCS should be elected from the racers and the track owners much the way Sports and Rec organizations are chosen with elections held every few years. If someone could enlighten me on this process I would appreciate it. It would make sense to me that as a racer registers for GLORCS they receive a card (and should pay a minimal fee) which entitles them to attend meetings (not the Ole Boys Club that it appears to be at present) and vote on a President, VP, Secretary Treasurer etc and the track owners/card carriers would elect an owner rep as well. I may be way off here but I wont know how things are done unless I ask.

Any who ... back to the topic. I see no reason why GLORCS should be threatened by RCPRO and what they are looking at doing. GLORCS is an excellent series and as long as it works hard at its goals and stays focused I see no reason why racers like myself wont count the days to "The Sprucewood Invitational" or " GLORC at HardcoreRC" among the others. I know that even if I became involved in a club (which I am hoping becomes an option ... Steve Osbourne ... get that track done!) and RCPRO ... I will still race GLORCS ... as long as it's organizers keep it worth going to.
I love this hobby and I meet tons of guys every week that do also ... many of them new. I also spend a ton of money on it with zero regrets ... but quite honestly ... all this politicing and threats of pull outs are making me nervous.
So ... do I have something to be concerned with? Why does it seem that GLORCS plans to fold if RCPRO carries forward or is that just one guy talkin? Cant we all just play nice? I just wanna race!

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Old 12-01-2007, 04:08 PM   #309
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i agree with you jed 100% i also will be doing the entire glorcs sched except for the u.s. races ( damn youth lol) and i want to book my holidays at work for this and would like to know if the glorcs is a go
also a note to steve, definatly get that track built there is a bunch of us that will come up weekly to practice lol
last year sprucewood was my first big race and it has me HOOKED bigtime just ask my girlfriend lol the race was awsome and well run so i hope that the rest of the races are the same hopefully the year will go on as scheduled along with rcps

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Old 12-01-2007, 06:25 PM   #310
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I talked to Steve about the track on Thursday... it is a go for the spring. Everything is leveled and waiting for the proper weather to be built.

As for everything else, like I said I'm staying quiet!
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