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Old 12-11-2007, 09:13 AM   #31
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I am: Sean H
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Thumbs up ideas

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there are many things that help people get into the hobby. I have constantly been thinking of such ideas. the best one that I've though of is the following.

A team of 10 drivers with experience, good PR skills, and patience.

this team could plan 10 events around the GTA at other types of events and host fun races with buggies. the buggies could each have the mabuchi 540 motors (you'll see why later)

get a simple track set up on anything (grass, pavement, gravel, dirt ...) and have a banner with a website and info. and then a sign up sheet to try an rc buggy

This is the "intro to RC" technique
The participant steers, and the RC Facilitator does the "gas".
Those lending out the buggies would NOT let the participant use the throttle unless they were confident that they would not instantly wreck their car.

these events would be great for parking lots at major shopping centers and big parks with open spaces around the GTA. I personally know of many people that are today totally hooked on offroad because of
- lending out my car for 1 or 2 battery packs at sids
- doing the above mentioned "intro to RC" technique either at Sid's raceway or at any other place (bread and honey festival, etc....)

Also actively marketing the hobby to friends and acquaintances (old and new)

I think that if every single person that's into rc made a list of 10 people that they know or even knew from their past that was into anything remotely similar to RC from (high school, college, even elementary school) and made a point of contacting them about this hobby. something like:

On the phone
Hey there John, it's been a long time man, what's new?
(shoot the breeze for a comfortable amount of time).
You know John, I'm glad that I was able to get in touch with you. the reason that I'm calling is because I remember back when we were kids that we used to LOVE playing with cars and models and such. Well you won't believe this but, recently I got into remote control cars!!! You wouldn't believe how much fun it is. And the best part is that it's easier than ever to get into.

I was going to be going out to test my cars in the next week and I thought that we could grab a coffee or whatever and you could check this out, and bring you son/daughter. If we were to meet at a park then both our families could have a small picnic. I am going to call ** Doe, you remember him right? well he'll probably want to come as well.

I seriously think that this is the easiest way for 2 things to happen:

get back in touch with old friends through common interests
increase the hobby.

if the 500+ people that are really into RC in the GTA were to do this with a 20% success rate, we would have 100 new RC people every summer. I personally think that the numbers are larger.

about getting them into racing

this is another topic that needs to be addressed.
First off, if this is really important to us, then we all need to make sure that we're cultivating a true family friendly atmosphere.
- only act the way you would around your own mom (no fighting, swearing, etc.....)
- keep the competitive attitude strictly on the driver's stand. off the stand is where you keep it to yourself. (track owners should enforce this)

About the racing,
I think that what we're doing right now is a great thing. the racing as is works well. perhaps run qualifiers like races like in the old days starting on the tone. when it comes to classes, it the atmosphere is up beat and friendly, then people won't feel bad by being in with the big guys. Another idea is to have a "transponder in the buggy" practice period to get an idea of how fast people are driving. that way when the qualifiers are set up, then there aren't as many differences in lap times within any particular qualifier. also a sort after the 1st might help that.

what I think is the MOST intimidating is going into a close nit group (the "possee" at the particular track) and feeling like an outsider. At sid's, the one thing that MOST new people have said is that when they first got there, there was someone that greeted them, and showed them around.
you never get a second chance to make a first impression

2 solutions presented by your's truly
1. invite anyone that you remotely think might be interested to the park, track, underground garage etc.... and give them a good try with your RC stuff. offer to help them get into it. (find a deal, etc..)

2. Groups of RC enthusiasts need to promote the hobby and the local facility (going to do a demo day at Mississauga valley park with 1/10 cars and flyers, then post videos and pictures on of the event. Send those who were there an email with the video address getting them to become members of like organized bashing events.

just my thoughts, I'm always open to hearing about what you all think
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Old 12-11-2007, 09:49 AM   #32
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I am: Sean H
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Location: Milton on

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unable to edit

here's my best shot for a newcomer to the hobby price/value wise,

kyosho lazer
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Old 12-11-2007, 12:11 PM   #33
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I am: Earl A.
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In keeping with Sean's idea of letting people try out our rides first hand I have an idea:

Most of us probably have an older vehicle sitting unused that's not getting any love.

Why not get it into a ready to run state with an old AM radio, stock brushed motor, ESC and NiMH batteries, and bring it to the track with you when you come?

I think that's what I'm going to do.

If somebody shows an interest I'm going to let them have at it!!

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Old 12-11-2007, 12:34 PM   #34
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running rc shows at other shows helps too. my friends have a drift club. I run with them once in a while but not the drift addict like they are.

I do a lot of custom detailing for a hot rod shop, and asked them if the guys could do a race at one of the drive in shows. the guys are getting some space in a civic arena now. only thing is they have to run classic car shells

We'll have a demonstration table setup as well with other forms of rc and we can do some demos a and such as well. The people that build custom cars won't think the price of rc is big at all, I know they never haggle with me on my prices hehe

So many good ideas here, I am going to use some of those myself... I always let people run my rc's. I don't care since my pitbox is usually stocked pretty good with parts. Even with something crazy (I had to let other people try that stupid modded B7, it was insane power and hard to drive.... most people just handed back the controller and shook their heads lol)
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Old 12-11-2007, 01:07 PM   #35
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We are also having a RC party that we will have varous RC related items + a draw for a RTR Nitro Truggy... I hope to have a simulator for flying as well so we all can take a crack at it...

Maybe if we can get some more people to come out they can bring some friends and they can be intoduced to the people of RC as well...

Just a thought.
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Old 12-11-2007, 04:26 PM   #36
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I am: Brian Belanger
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Do any of the shop owners have any thoughts or ideas? I know theres at least a half dozen of you on this forum.
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Old 12-15-2007, 03:18 PM   #37
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I am: James G
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I remember 2 years back at the hobby show, the crowd was big, we were running the RC18T, slamming then into the roof, jumping them breaking minor parts and fixing them in a matter of minutes, and back out doing it all over again, thats what the crowd loves to see.the show sold out of RC18T's that day....

lets bring the basher back. I said this a few years ago and I will say it again, why not host a monster jam? get the crowd to be the judge, set up and obstacle course and go nuts tell me who wouldn't want to enter in this event????

as for getting out there and in every ones face, well I am sure if you talk to the groups that do the cruze nights they would lets us do a demo, to make it fun we would all have to have old style bodies.

When GM in Oshawa does there auto show we can ask them to let us do a little demo or shownshine, and we can make sure all our bodies are GM related

next year we should see if we could get involved in the Santa clause parade, pull a little trailer around filled with candy canes.

even setting up a booth at the 1:1 scale auto shows, now this would be costly but maybe sponsors could help out with the costs? I have seen were the RC drifters have gone to the auto shows in the US and setup next to the 1:1 scale drifters
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Old 12-15-2007, 03:57 PM   #38
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Bring a Kid to a Track Day?

Bring a Kid to a Track Day, I think that is a great idea and will support any track that decides to do such an event with hats and camera crew. (within 6 hours drive of T.O. or else where if I happen to be in your Province)
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Old 12-15-2007, 04:48 PM   #39
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Shops and response.......

As per requested on this one, here's one shops opinion......I'm sure all the other shops who we work with at The Zoom Room will agree on most points........

#1 Check out what the NRCC is doing in Newmarket, half our members are 12 or under just starting out their racing careers and are having a blast due to the support of the senior club members who are always on the drivers line and in the pits giving advice and tips. They hold classes for the youngsters (kinna the same as FastCats) run by Ron at Pinnacle Hobby and Roz and Henry at The Zoom Room

#2 Watch and recommend people to check out RCTV. TV is the easiest media for everyone to access and gives them an idea about what RC hobbies is all about. We have season one playing in the store time to time and the show is very family freindly. Good job on that front.

#3 All levels of racing need to become more family oriented, not just cater to the racers. Lets face it, Mom and Dad have to make the decision to make the purchase and they should be involved as well. We have it set as a rule at NRCC that parents MUST accompany 12 or unders at all times at the track. Know what usually happens. Mom or Dad get interested in doing it themselves.

#4 As shop owners, we MUST try as hard as we can to fit the vehicle to the customer both from a budget stand point and skill level. If you sell a Revo or Savage to a 8 year old who has never owned a Hobby type RC car before, you might be making a sale right now, but how frustrated will that youngster be when tuning issues arise due to temperature changes, or flooding issues etc. With a youngster who is not enjoying himself, you will not get the repeat sale 2 years down the road becasue you've just convinced both the customer and the parents that hobby type rc cars are just too much work. Then they tell 2 friends, etc etc etc......I hope everyone gets my drift on this one. I see it WAY too many times that customers come in upset that something doesn't work because the vehicle is WAY beyond the users skill level. I always recommend to start with electric, get used to maintaining the vehicle and working with the electronics for a season, then the only other skills that need to be added are engine tuning.
In a nutshell, a customer who is having fun is a customer who will recommend 2 to 3 more people to join him/her in a parking lot for a race/bash.

#5 This ones for the manufactuers who might read this.....DVD's DVD's DVD's......Include a DVD in your kits showcasing your products available. If one person buys a kit, chances are he'll show the DVD to his/her buddies saying "you gotta see this". I love playing the Traxxas and Losi/Sportwerks/Proboat dvds in the store. Gets the oooooooo factor going,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,also Traxxas includes the tuning and breakin DVD in their products.......ALL OTHER MANUFACTURERS NEED TO DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic job by Traxxas, all customers who have purchased Traxxas products love the DVD.................again, a happy customer recommends 2 more...............

At the moment, it all I've got.........prices are great for someone just getting started, so its not the pricing that is not growing our hobby. We all need to work together to keep the momentum going. Hope this helps.

Currently running:

Team Associated RC8/Jammin .21
Tamiya 801xt
Tamiya Tamtech Porsche
Tamiya Tamtech Frog
Tamiya F350 Hilift
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I am: Brian Belanger
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so hank since you're the first shop owner to put in a response, whats your opinion on finding a venue to host a one-time weekend show, with the hopes of involving as many of the area shops as possible. Demonstrations for as many types of rc as possible from air to sea, and hands-on for those who want to try? Do you think such a venue could be found? Do you think that a lot of the shops would be on board with splitting the cost of the venue and any advertising necessary to get the word out to people that theres an event to be seen? Do you think its even fiesable in terms of cost to get this done? Would it be a worthwhile investment for the exposure?
One idea I have would be to centre the venue around a large 3-day trophy race, with all proceeds going to the cost of advertising for the event, which benefits everyone involved.
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