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Old 11-23-2008, 11:44 AM   #31
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Originally Posted by kyosho777 View Post
I think that there might be a need for creating a Expert and Sportsman(intermediate) class. That being said as a a-main regular I rarely make the rostrum(in buggy), actually once in the last two seasons of Glorcs racing. Does this mean I am justified in running in the sportsman class to improve my trophy collection? Naww!! But I just want you to see they are two sides to every story.
There is always two sides a a story, but your example could not happen, if your in the Export class, you can`t enter in the Sportsman. In general we all know where most of the racer`s should be.
As for what Calvin brought up about registration, i do recall someone or two showed up on a Sunday and bumped all the way to the A Main. The argument there was he paid so he can show up when ever he want`s and that`s not right. If your not there by the time Qual`s start you don`t race.

And you really need more trophy`s right Martin, lol !!
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Old 11-23-2008, 11:52 AM   #32
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Originally Posted by chewy View Post
as for trophies ,for the race fee's we pay to race in glorcs .all mains below the "a" should have trophies for the top 3,the a main should have trophies for that whole main.

Rattlesnake Speedway
Vintage r/c car collector

Ron Prinzen
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Old 11-23-2008, 12:49 PM   #33
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loads of thought

That hot day at Niagara will not be forgotten oh well,NS has made valid points and one(1) of them being support ,people would & need to go to more events to make any drastic changes effective but as clearly stated before money & time are serious issues.In a nut shell enjoy it for what it's worth run at your local track as much as you can and welcome the GLORCS events we get so we can put faces to screen names. .02 cents Regards Greg:IDEA:
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I havent read all the posts in this thread, so I might be repeting my 2 cents
Dividing into sportsman and expert would also take care of the marshaling situation to a degree because you have sportsman marshalling sportsman and experts marshalling experts. As long as you have a minimum of 3 heats in each qualifier, there would not be problem. I also agree with Jordan about getting the racers together so that can dicuss in person what we would like to see in the following year. This forum is a good start for discussion, but my fingers get tired before I can express what I would like to say, unfortunetly my mouth does not. I dont think it is to late to make this happen.

Bob Adler
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Old 11-23-2008, 02:22 PM   #35
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Originally Posted by chewy View Post
As for trophies ,for the race fee's we pay to race in GLORCS .ALL mains below the "A" should have trophies for the top 3,the A main should have trophies for that whole main.

0.02 chewy
This is the single reason you will not see Team Geezer at Full Throttle again ... and yes I have heard the explanations but sorry to say ... they didn't cut it ... a shame really ... nice track and people ... still scratching my head on that one
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Old 11-23-2008, 05:27 PM   #36
thrash metal
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re trophies for top 3 in all mains

hey jeff,

lets not forget the fiasco at the glorcs finals at action hobbies where only the top 3 in the a mains got trophies and the top 3 in all the other mains got nothing.

i know the glorcs reps are going to work hard to ensure that this type of scenario doesnt happen again next season.

all the guys that have posted on this thread have made valid comments regarding creating different classes for different levels of driving skills such a beginner, intermediate and expert classes.

speaking as a driver who doesnt make the a main anyways i think making these new types of classes is something glorcs should look at. creating classes based on driving skill will give new guys a chance to try their hand at racing in a competitve situation without feeling intimidated having to race in a qualifier against the expert a main guys. still provide the opportunity for bumps ups to give guys a choice if they want to try competing in a higher skilled class or to allow a higher skilled driver to pick up his socks and make the show if hes having a crummy day.

even roar races in the states are starting to switch to the beginner,intermediate and expert classes. it just makes more sense to me and gives newer drivers a chance to also compete in racing without having to worry about getting in the way of a pro driver who will make the a main 9 times out of ten anyways.

at least glorcs listens to driver feedback regarding suggestions to help improve the series and im sure glorcs will come up with something over the offseason to address these issues.

as far as full throttle goes i know ill be going to that race as its one of my favorite tracks in the series even after the whole mess from last season with the qualifiers. i hope glorcs wont allow that to happen again in 2009
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Originally Posted by Jeddddd View Post
This is the single reason you will not see Team Geezer at Full Throttle again ... and yes I have heard the explanations but sorry to say ... they didn't cut it ... a shame really ... nice track and people ... still scratching my head on that one
what!!!!! i've been to races where it cost $75 for one class and only the top 3 in the B & C and all the A main got hardware.. the only way you will get any track to do that is to make it mandatory that there is a deadline for everyone to make full non-refundable payment. mac will tell you the same thing as a track owner..... he knows what its like to get stuck with hardware and shirts for guys that don't show.
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I really think that we need to make rewarding drivers very important. We should look into having mandatory trophy presentations at the end of every event. I think it really makes people happy to be able to sit around and watch their friends and team mates be rewarded for their performance over the weekend. It really is hard work to get your vehicles to work at its peak and finish races. Finishing on the podium in a main should be rewarded with something ie; trophy, ribbon, pictures, handshake, maybe even prizes. I think in the last year the series has started to pull away from the whole friendly competition feel that it had of yesteryear. Although the competition level has gone up I don’t think that we need to fade away from the whole fun and entertainment that we always have. If every main had trophies for the top 3 there would be a lot more racers waiting around the for the trophy presentation at the end of the day on Sundays. We should have a podium at every track as well as mandatory pictures for all podium finishers. These pictures should be posted on the GLORCS website, all of these little things add up to people being able to see some recognition for how they finish. I would be willing to bet 90% of the racers at GLORCS events have internet access and would visit the website on a regular basis to view results and photos.

In addition, GLORCS track owners should have no say at all as to how the weekend’s events are going to be run. We need to have consistency across the board, this was simply not the case last year. The rules and the weekend’s events need to be set in stone ahead of time, and it needs to come down from the GLORCS directors. There are too many opinions out there on how the races should be run to let the track owners decided how the race is going to be run for the weekend. If GLORCS plan “A” does not go as planned, we need to move on to GLORCS plan “B”, not move on to track owners/GLORCS plan B. Because we all know that Track “x” and track “y” do not have the same plan B. This really helps constancy and avoids anyone being able to argue how the weekend’s events unfold. I am sure it must be hard for track owners to let someone come in and call the shots, but the GLORCS series really needs to make all decisions. We are racing in a series that encompasses many tracks, and It needs to be governed by the Series. Look at F1, Indycar, Nascar governing bodies when they show up to tracks they call the shots not the track owners. For the weekend of your GLORCS races, the tracks are merely a vehicle for the series.

I feel as if I just finished my 500 word essay on GLORCS, I hope that it is legible.
Derek Petre
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Every time I post I seem to get BEAT on however I can not hold my tongue\typing finger.

Many of the things you are talking about are things I did at my last race and will continue to do again this year

1) Longer Mains - This year I made my first AMain and I was stocked however for the last 2 years I have been running 10 to 15 minute mains and it sucked. I paid the same amount as the top racers so I want more time. The bottom main at my race was 20 minutes and went up from there. If time is an issue shorten the A mains to accomodate.

2) Fast guy shows up on Sunday and bumps to the A Main, this sucks when you are in a lower main fighting for the bump and your see Abiye and the likes standing beside you because they showed up on the Sunday. I like what Sammys did a couple of years ago. A qualifier for anyone who PRE REGISTERED and said they could only make it on the Sunday, this would seed them and eliminated the problem) Yes they may get a faster track however it is also a more blown out track

3) Pro - Sportsman is to way to much of a hastle in my opinion. The A, B, C, mains all the way down does exactly what it was intended to. It puts similar skill\speed drivers together. The difference that needs to be made is this race is as important to anyone in this class as anyone who makes an AMain. Probably even more so. SO make it a big deal, 1) (I already talked) longer mains 2) Complete presentation for EVERY main 3) Trophies for 1,2,3 in each class 4) Good trophies for all mains not just the A Main guys 5) Pictures on websited 6) Talk it up, winning is winning, it does not matter what main you are in, because on the day you beat a grouping of your peers that were running similar speed and skill

4) Watering - No offence Jay but your watering idea, I was confused 1/2 way through reading it. I prefer how I did, As soon as the race\qual is over turn on the sprinkler for 1 minute. This does a couple things 1) gets people off the track fast 2) keep the track consistnetly moist 3) saves having to over water 4) keep the jumps from breaking apart 5) keep the next race\qual from entering the track right away 6) by the time the sprinklers are turned off the previous drivers are off the stand and ready to walk on the track the next driver are up on the stand and ready to go

5) Fees are getting out of hand - In opinion you should charge for what you are giving back. I charged $50 first class and $10 second class and gave shirts, trophies (nice trophies) had 5 Porta Potties and tons of prizes, many of which I purchased to have to give away. Last year every race I went to was $50 first class and $20 second class and in my opinion were not deserving of what they charged (not all but some) It has to be fair, I do not expect all of the above, however if you plan to give out less, than charge less. Now for 2009 I see some tracks in Canada asking for $75 first class and $50 second class (and I thought we were in a recession)

6) Derek I believe in following the Glorcs rules and having as much standardized as possible, however I still like being able to have alot of say in my own race. I want to be able to give it some flair so to speak. If I could only keep status quo I would not even bother. I want my 10th Annual to be bigger and badder than the last and so on!!

Ex - my race this year will be 100% no profit. As I am trying to raise enough money to be able to help out a bling girl in town by getting her a CNIB Dog and to cover the cost of the training. My goal is to raise $10,000 (last race we raised $5,000 and they just finished the park that our money went to pay for)

Ex - My under 16 Event the weekend before will hold the 5 team Relay Race on the Sunday of the Sprucewood Invitaitonal at lunch time where they will race in front of everyone!!

Ex - I have arranged with Morgan Fuels that they will be sending up one of the two Ryan's (either Mayfield or Caveliery (not sure of spelling) and Scott Hughes of Proline said he will let me kow for sure very soon and Adam Drake and Mike Truhe said they are waiting on there 09 schedule however they have my penciled in and will be here if nothing conflicts (so far it is looking very good) Many have thrown it in my face when it did not happen in the past however I am not the type to give up that easy!!

7) C-low is bang on the number of shirts, trophies, burgers I have basically had to toss because of racers saying they are coming and then not, makes pre-registery with non refundable a must.

I was fortunate to be able to take the time and go to the Big Losi race in Chicago and the one thing each of us found was there absolutely no swearing, cursing or drama on the driverstand. I mean none and even with the big names of Truhe and Drake. This was a breath of fresh air and with all the new kids coming into the hobby we need to take care of this. Nothing will turn new racers (even existing racers) off faster.

Ok I have to get back to work!
David McLean
Team Kyosho Canada
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thrash metal
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re pre paying your registration fees for races

as track owners mac and c-low have brought up a very important point .

pre paying your registrtion fees is something glorcs should look at doing for the coming season. i agree 100% that we should have to pre pay our fees before hand that way the track owners can get a definate number of entires .

this way they arent stuck with extra trophies, t shirts and what not.

having the racers pre pay their fees also prevents the long line ups of guys waiting until they arrive at the track to pay . pre paying your fees gives the track owners a better idea of the total number of racers who will actually be committed to showing up to the race imo.

i think you would see less racers pulling out of a race at the last minute if they would have to pre pay their fees.
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