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JQ Products presents "The Car"

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At first glance, suspension geometry and chassis layout seems simple, and most cars appear to be very similar, but there are subtle differences, such as; lengths and positions of the upper and lower arms; shock positions and length; arm holder widths; hub geometry and much, much more. It is definitely not simple. THE Car shares some design features with a variety of cars, but these are the main differences, and why the features are different.

-Lower Arms: The lower arms are interchangeable left to right, and are the shortest on the market. The reason for this is shorter arms make a car more responsive, and helps to maintain stability when it comes to things other than driver input. For example, short arms make the car track straight in bumps, and make it less sensitive to changes and surprising situations on the track. Long arms on a car provide more traction, suspension movement, and a slow reacting, stable nature. But JQ Products believes to get around a track as fast as the laws of physics allow, short arms are necessary.

-Arm Holders: Extensive testing was done to determine optimum Suspension Arm Holder width and arm length. Many different combination's were tested, and settled on a set up which is in fact the opposite from most other cars. The design of THE Car utilizes a wide front arm holder, and short arms. These design features give THE Car excellent rough track handling and jumping characteristics, as well as the option to be driven with an aggressive driving style. THE Car tracks straight and will hold its line in rhythm sections and woops with a greater level of stability and a very linear feel.

-C-Hubs: The C-Hub design is similar to what is used on the Losi XX-4. This design brings the point where the arm attaches to the hub inwards and also vertically closer to the wheel center, which makes the car more stable and less prone to flipping over. This also helps in rough track sections and when jumping, because as the suspension compresses, the wheels move more inwards and the suspension gets stiffer.

-Rear Arms: The Rear Arms are super short compared to all other cars, because they are the same length as the front arms. The arm holders on the rear are medium width, and not as wide as the front. These short arms give THE Car more steering and help to make it fast.

-Rear Hubs: The rear hubs are different from anything else available and allow the rear of the car to have the same offset as the front. To achieve this offset, the attachment is on the inside of the wheel center, not outside. This allows the car to be set up with aggressive steering, yet still have plenty of forward bite. This unique geometry requires a different set up, and the use of different shock positions compared to conventional cars. But this design concept provides you with a car that has superior corner speed, forward bite, and acceleration out of corners.

-Rear Roll Center Adjustment: Another unique feature about the rear end geometry is the use of multiple vertical holes on the rear arms for adjusting the hubs, as well as multiple positions on the hubs. The reason for this is so that the suspension, travel and ride height, will be unchanged regardless of which hole is used. There are three outer hub positions on the arms, but only the upper and middle position are used. The lower position exists because the arms are designed to be used on either side of the car, and the lower position on one side, becomes the upper position when the arm is flipped and used on the other side. The top hole provides more traction and forces the suspension to stiffen up more when compressed, the lower hole reduces traction, and the rear end will slide more. As for bumps, that comes down to preference, some prefer the upper hole, some the lower. This design makes the rear end adjustable enough that anyone can find their preferred set up, no matter what their driving style is.

-Steering Rack: There are currently two main steering system designs in use on today’s modern 1/8th scale buggies. The first is the standard type bell crank/ackermann plate, with the steering links attached to the ackermann. With this design, the steering will always feel non-linear, meaning that at some point in the corner and at some speed, the car will turn more than at others. The second steering system design is the type found on the Losi 8ight. The steering bell cranks are still connected by a ackermann plate, but the steering links are connected directly to the bell cranks The advantage of this design is the steering is more linear, and there is no point in the steering travel that the car feels like it steers more than at others. Another advantage is that different length ackermann plates can be used to adjust the amount of overall steering. Because of this, a Losi influenced steering rack design was incorporated into THE Car, with three different length ackermann plates and three sets of mounting holes providing a variety of tuning options to suit any driving style.

-Shocks: “Bigger isn't better, better is better.” The recent trend in shock design has been to increase the size of the shocks so that they can carry more oil volume. Companies are constantly producing larger shocks, but at some point stopped thinking about how they work. A variety of shock sizes and lengths were tested, and a shock with a 14.5mm piston diameter proved to be superior for a narrow, light and nimble car such as THE Car. This design feature provides excellent bump handling characteristics and the ability to soak up rough landings, as well as minimizing the sprung and un-sprung weight.

-Radio Tray: What is the point in having a radio tray that is easy to remove from the car, if you need an engineering degree and a set of tweezers to change a servo once the tray is out? The last thing you want to do when you are at the track, is change a component from the radio tray. Removing the radio tray from the car is a chore that everyone wants to avoid and the design of the radio tray on THE Car simplifies this task. The radio tray is designed so that it is easy to remove either servo, the transponder, or receiver battery, without removing anything other than the part you want to change, and the receiver or battery box lids! There are no small parts to lose and no small openings to route wires through. Its a design that focuses on simplicity, and is going to send other manufacturers back to the drawing board!

-Adjustable Weight Distribution: Weight distribution is a critical feature when it comes to a cars performance. Left to right weight balance should be as close to equal as possible. However, front to back weight balance dramatically affects a cars handling characteristics. A car with a forward weight bias will jump really well and will steer well at low speed, but has a tendency to push on power and at high speed. A car with a rear weight bias will have more steering on power and at high speed, but will not jump as well and will have less steering at low speed. Additionally, with a rear weight bias the car will feel more stable and easier to control due to the increased rear traction. Because weight bias plays such an important roll in a cars handling and some people prefer one type over the other, THE Car is the first in its class to offer Adjustable Weight Distribution! THE Car is designed so the center diff-mount, and engine can be moved forwards or backwards 8mm. The advantage of having this unique adjustment available, is that you can set up THE Car to perfectly suit any track condition! At major events, changing a chassis is not allowed. If it is allowed, it's not an easy task to complete. The design of THE Car allows the weight bias to be changed easily, using the same chassis, in only a few minutes. When the track has big jumps, hairpin turns, and technical sections you can move the weight forward. When the track is fast, with sweeping corners, and a rough, bumpy surface you can move the weight back. This has been proven to drastically alter lap times and provides an almost unfair advantage!

-Center Differential Mount: The CNC machined aluminum center differential mount is a laydown design that was developed in 2006 and has many advantages over a standard plastic mount. It is a simple design with a small footprint that uses a single link for the brakes, allowing the mount to be moved forward or backwards with little effort. It is strong, stiff, and consistent when exposed to hot weather, heat from the engine, and friction from brakes. The design also allows the center differential to be removed without affecting the brake settings. Not only does it serve a purpose, the aluminum construction looks cool, and you know you love the bling!

-Universal Drive Shafts: Other cars use CVD's because they are cheaper to manufacture. But there are many negative aspects to the CVD design. They wear out faster, they are inconsistent over time because they work differently when they are new compared to when they begin to get worn out, they require constant maintenance and use larger bearings and bulkier hubs. That is unless you want to loose coupler pins. Because of these design flaws, universal drive shafts have been chosen for the front and rear of THE Car, with smooth rotating, light, reliable and easy to replace dog bones for the center.

-Differentials: Lighter diffs offer reduced rotating mass, increased acceleration and throttle response, as well as increased fuel mileage. But at what expense? Super light differentials are pointless if they wont hold up to the abuse of 1/8 off road. The differentials used for THE Car are a standard design, with a primary focus on durability and fluid capacity. These are important aspects, and in those area's they are as good or better than any other car. What sets THE Car apart from the others in this area is that the differentials are the lightest differentials of any car currently available!

-Fuel Tank: THE fuel tank is a fairly standard, new generation style tank, with a clunk type fuel pick up system. This allows the engine to keep a constant supply of fuel even when the car is upside down. Other features include fuel line clips that are attached to the tank body, 1cc and 2cc inserts for adjusting the volume, and a built in splash guard to help prevent fuel from getting on the brakes. The real innovation in the fuel tank is that the pressure line is not attached to the cap, instead it is attached to the fuel tank next to the cap. This was done to protect the pressure line from damage, allows for a smaller fuel access hole in the body, and also because the tank looks much cleaner.

-No Slop Wheel Attachment: The wheels on a 1/8th scale buggy tend to wobble a lot. What is the point of setting camber and toe in, if the wheel moves so much that it changes the angles +/- 3 degrees? This is a design flaw that was addressed on THE Car. The solution proved to be really simple. By making the hole in the drive shaft elongated towards the inside, the hex pin can now move inwards. This means, that when the grub screw in the axle is tightened, it forces the pin and the hex along with it inwards towards the wheel bearing. A crush spacer is added between the bearings to prevent the bearings from binding. Simple and effective. No more extra slop in the wheel attachment. Because there are a lot of variables in this area to get the tolerances right, 0.1mm shims have been included that need to be used in the event that after tightening the grub screw, the bearings tighten up. This is an area that requires attention when building THE Car.

-Body & Wing: THE Wing has not been wind tunnel tested. It was designed to look cool and fast, be light, and in theory create down force, instead of acting as a weight, and air brake. The design was influenced by the wings found on airplanes, only upside down with a few tweaks to make it look cooler. THE Body was designed purely based on looks, to make it look like a car.

THE Car Features:

-Narrow Layout: THE Car features one of the narrowest chassis ever seen on a 1/8 buggy. A narrow car is more nimble and fast compared to a wider one.
Central Engine Placement: The key to building a narrow car.

-Revolutionary Adjustable Weight Distribution: Engine and center Differential move 8mm forwards or back. The most useful tuning aid that can be changed based on track and driving style. Directly affects lap times in a big way.

-Laydown Brake System: In order to make the weight distribution change easily, and make removal of the center differential easy, the lay down brake design was the way to go.

-Simple Throttle/Brake Linkage: The simplest design on the market, because simple is always better.

-Left/Right Weight Balance: Optimized left to right balance, because we turn both ways on our tracks.

-Lightweight: Out of the box, THE Car weighs about 3240g. Because no matter what anyone says, a lighter car is faster, wears less, consumes less fuel and is easier on tires. Lightweight is the future of our hobby. If a heavy car is faster than a light one, the light one has the wrong setup or the wrong tires!

-Servo Saver: THE Car features a "fail safe" servo saver that does not require thread lock. It will not work loose.

-Radio Tray: The first un-complicated radio tray. The design allows for fast and easy servo changes, while leaving the tray in the car. Everything on the tray can be changed with the tray installed, and linkage intact.

-Rear End Geometry: Distinctive rear end geometry design allows for great on power traction, acceleration and corner speed.

-Rear Roll Center: New style roll-center adjustments on the rear.

-EU/US Compatibility: Designed for European and American tracks and drivers. Designed to perform well on Euro style tracks and driving styles, where maximum corner speed is required, as well as US style tracks with big jumps and rough surfaces.

-Pre-Assembled Turnbuckles: THE Car features pre-assembled turnbuckles, because we all HATE building them!

-Shocks: 14.5mm threaded, hard-anodized shocks with 3.5mm shock shafts. Because bigger isn’t better, better is better! A variety of shock sizes were tested, and these were found to be the best for THE Car.

-Shock Towers: THE Car is equipped with 5mm CNC aluminum Shock Towers as standard equipment and features the JQ Products trademark branding.

-Arm Holders/Suspension Blocks: Hard Anodized CNC aluminum Arm Holders are included as standard equipment. They use inserts to tune the toe-in, anti-squat and kick-up. Since this is a Pro Kit, why should you have to buy option parts?

-Steering: Optimized steering geometry allows for maximum, yet linear steering, as well as reduced bump-steer. Steering = Corner speed = Fast Lap times = Wins. It’s all about steering.

-Chassis Braces: THE Car uses molded composite front and rear chassis braces. CNC braces may be available as option parts, for the people who like bling, “just because”.

-Clutch: THE Car includes a 3-shoe clutch system, with aluminum clutch shoes.

-Chassis: THE Car includes a lightened aluminum 4mm hard-anodized chassis with ballast locations as standard equipment. Because THE Car is underweight when lightweight options are installed.

-Steering Knuckles: CNC aluminum Steering Knuckles are included as standard equipment. Plastic or cast pot metal knuckles are for RTR's, even if they don’t break. JQ Products does have a certain bling requirement.

-Fuel Tank: THE Car uses a clunk style fuel tank because we all crash, and it feeds fuel to the engine while upside down.

THE Car Specifications:
Vehicle: 1:8 Nitro 4WD
Width: 307mm
Wheelbase: 320-325mm
Weight: 3240g*
Internal Gear Ratio: 3.90:1

*NOTE: Weight measured with OS Speed, 2060 pipe, ProLine Rims, closed cell foam, Holeshot tires, LRP
1600 LiFe Receiver Pack.
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I'm looking forward to seeing them in the mix for 2011.
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Well it did pretty good at the worlds for it's first "magor" race.

If i had the money i would get one and use it for nirto and re-reconvert my mugen back to electric.
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I'm sure there will be a few of them around this season.
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Very interesting car for sure.... went on their website, looks like it's going to a great car. Well thought out for sure.
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I think they could have come up with a better name for it.
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I will post pics when i do a build, should be arriving this withing next week
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the kids can't wait to run this car at motorama can't wait to built it
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wow thoses limited edition kits are sweet http://gallery.neobuggy.net/Site-Pho...20388484_59mKd
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tell me when you get the car tony, i want to check it out!!
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