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Loved seeing everyone. Loved the moment of silence for Martin Petre. Loved the track layout, etc...

...sorry again for punting you in the 3rd e-buggy qualifier Abiye. Thankfully it didn't end up costing you a spot in the A-main and we both made it in. I felt awful when it happened. All these new paint schemes had me guessing who was who all weekend.
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Originally Posted by tefflawn View Post
All i got to say about this weekend is . :

i have had friends come all the way from brooklin new york an further away that said that this weekend race was a JOKE... practice messed up.starting late...heats taking wayyy to long...ect..ect..ect...i even had a few guys that payed an left...never even they get there $$$ back....they said they will not come back to a race like that.lucky thing no big name races came...they would say that this canadian race was mickey mouse...but still we say thank you to everyone involved to keeping this race.

what do the guys an girls think that went to this race.i know there was alot of angry people there.give us some input.
Teff, No offense to you BUT I dont really think this comment displays constrictive criticism. I dont think anyone here really cares that your friends thought it was a joke. And if the race was Mickey mouse, go race where it is not mickey mouse. People put a lot into this race, More than showing up and just racing. I just think you should have thought a little harder about what you were typing befoer you sent it. I just really think a lot of this comment was useless information and uncalled for. We all know this was not a perfect race. Did the 3 rounds of qualifying get in... did the mains get completed... Please think harder next time before you type
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I for one LOVE this event and am very grateful to Matt and Vic for hosting all of us for the weekend. There are always going to be issues of this or that and it is never going to be perfect because everyones perception of "perfect" is different. I think that when we express our opinions as to what was right and what was wrong ask yourself one question... Am i part of the problem or part of the solution?? Voicing you opinions in a constructive way is what makes things better and adding substance on how to fix the problem you have issue with will make this race grow and racing in general.

Remember, this is fun guys. While not knowing everyone i know enough that nobody gets paid to do this and everyone involved with this race has a day job. Also remember that when you point a finger at someone you have three pointing back at yourself so make those three fingers count with being constructive.
[B]Steve Taylor
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I am glad that this thread was created. I was going to bite my lip and not say anything at all however this thread has inspired me to speak up.

As a little background on myself(for those who don't know me), I have been racing since 1989 and my first 'big race' was the 1989 Spring Firecracker at the OVR track.

I have travelled around the world to events and it is my favourite part of this hobby. There are a lot of things that make a 'big race' enjoyable and I would like to go over my thoughts on the Tillsonburg event.

First of all, I want to give props to the organizers of the event as I do understand a lot of work is involved for putting on a 'big race' and I am sure it isn't easy to get all the resources necessary to pull off an event of this size. I have organized countless events/races over the years and understand the time it takes to do so.

I also wanted to say that I thought the moment of silence was a good thing and although I didn't know what was going on at the time it still was something I think everyone appreciated.

The racers were great for the most part. I admit that it was my first 1/8th offroad race in about 6 years so my expectations going in were skeptical. Thanks to the overall respect on the track and other than a few isolated incidents it was good running on the track. One moment stands out from an A-main driver cutting corners and being upset after their own mistake stands out as the only major negative I saw from a spectator point of view. I hope you know who you are.

The track was fantastic and I believe it is the main reason so many people travel to this event. Great job on people who stepped up and thank you for the fun.

Great job on the prompt running of the races on Sunday. Things started on time that day and we were out at an understanding time.

Unfortunately after that is where my praise has to end and my constructive comments will continue.

I travelled 700+km to this race. I took two days off work and was really looking forward to it(as mentioned) however right off the top the 'tent' pitting was unacceptable.

I understand weather can't be controlled however to see a room full of racers who are dry, warm and enjoying themselves can really hurt the 'equality' that all racers should be given at any race event. I understand indoor pitting was limited however the space itself was not utilized with some racers having 6'-8' tables all by themselves. I think a little kindness from the indoor racers should have been given to those suffering outside. There was a 10 year old racer that had to tough it out all weekend outside and from a health standpoint that was really unfortunate. I also believe the tent racers could have been moved to the upstairs area. Perhaps that is not allowed however an announcement or a simple apology would have been nice in such horrific conditions should have been done. As far as I am concerned the people in the tent were forgotten and I did not feel a part of the event. I did not work on my cars at all or seek setup changes as I just could not focus on my car. I am not using this as an excuse for race results however part of the enjoyment for me during a race is to improve the setup of a car and this could not be done with those conditions. If someone had just come out and say 'Sorry for the tent conditions, we will do better next year to get heat, light and comfort that is necessary' then this would have been in the 'positives'. It was really the feelings that we were forgotten is what really hurt the overall feel of the event.

The next thing that I enjoy about a big race is to see my improvement over the weekend. This can be achieved by lap time comparison, heat comparison and race results. This was non-existant during the event(until the mains which one I didn't start...). This is 100% unacceptable.

The timing system should have been on during practice and all heat results should have been shared through the weekend. There is only going to be one 'winner' of the event so people running in lower mains need something to look forward to. I was shocked that this wasn't done in some fashion. A projector or volunteers to run the results to the wall would have been fine. I even offered to do it and was looked at like I was crazy. Perhaps I didn't ask the right person?

When I am running in a qualifier the most important thing at a big race is to let every other racer know what is happening during their run. Laptimes are fun and I did hear commentating of that nature and a few times I did hear names being called as who was the fast person running however none of this information helps the racers know who is who and who to let go if necessary. Most importantly it was impossible to follow the mains as I didn't know the names of the racers. Car colours and descriptions of where they were on the track HAD TO BE A PRIORITY. There were a lot of spectators who had never seen an r/c race and they had no idea where the actual 'race' was or who the faster car was. It also was difficult for racers to know who to let go if they were on a good time. Personally I was on an A-main run in my last qualifier and I had zero idea.

There was 300 entries at this event and we all knew it would be long days however what we needed was an actual schedule for the event. I know a few racers that left early Friday night and were told the track would open at 7am. They showed up at that time --- in the rain --- and waited outside until 7:45am when race officials showed up. They wanted to come inside to get dry/warm and were told they had to wait until a few things were done. This is unaccaptable. There should have been some respect shown for their time and the conditions. Then we didn't start the qualifying until after 10:30am. If this was the 'schedule' then it should have been announced posted to every racer.

This brings me into another big issue that surprised me. I was told at the start of the weekend not to bother the computer guy. Which is fine, however how can we get information if nothing is posted or said? Communication might have been reasonable within the warm, dry, 'invite only' pit area however everywhere else it was sub-standard. I had no idea what was going on at any time nor did I see a race organizer poke their head in the tent to provide any information. I don't blame them as I didn't want to be in there either.

The lack of information also carried over in the drivers meeting. At that time the schedule, concerns, drivers etiquette, goals and other such things should have been addressed. I was going to speak out a few times however as I am 'new' to the 1/8th crowed I thought it wasn't my place. I also saw a few comments being made that were looked at being 'crazy'. In my opinion it should have been handled differently and again, more communication should have been made.

The other thing that was unbelievable was the qualifier being run with zero racers and then all marshalls leaving the track area. I had all my friends step up and marshall for that heat however there should have been an understanding that those racers were not there and marshalls were required. It really made me and the other racers in that heat feel like we were a second thought and that shouldn't be how anyone feels at an event. The A-main winner and the last place finisher should be respected and leave the event with a smile.

There were a few other things that I could bring up however it would be nitpicks that shouldn't really be considered. Things like using visual Nitro start instead of audio or information that there was a chip wagon on site. I went starving on Friday as I didn't even know it was there!

I hope that everyone agrees with these points and any 'big event' should provide as much information and equal chance to succeed if they want to be 'must be at' event.

I am sorry to say that the most frustrating thing is this could be the premiere race event in Canada and unfortunately that was all lost as I felt like an outsider and not included in the enjoyable festivities.

I am willing to offer my services for next years event if the organizers would like more help. I can be a race director, communication assistant, result poster or whatever they need to make this race better.

Here is a summary of my long winded response for those who don't want to read it all ----

Good job! -

Organizers of the event for putting in the time they did
Moment of silence/parade lap
Track - Thanks to all those that built it
Racers etiquette(for most part)
Sunday timeline (not perfect however it never is at a big race)

Needs work -

Tent of death
Equality for all racers
Respect shown to racers
Schedule? Why start so late on Saturday?
Lack of information on track
Lack of information off track
Lack of information for race results
Lack of communication for drivers meeting

Hope this 'race' can become an 'awesome race' in the future.
Ottawa, Ontario
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Slow poke
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I had an amazing time at this race as usual, I will be coming back year after year. The tent kinda sucked but. If u can't handle pitting in it then get a trailer or your own tent. That's all I gota say. Thanks to all for putting on a great race!!!!
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I had a great time at the race. Big thanks to everyone that worked on this race!

This is one of the must attend races for me (despite the usual crappy spring weather)
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Originally Posted by Slow poke View Post
I had an amazing time at this race as usual, I will be coming back year after year. The tent kinda sucked but. If u can't handle pitting in it then get a trailer or your own tent. That's all I gota say. Thanks to all for putting on a great race!!!!

Brian - I think you miss the point. The conditions of weather were out of organizers control however we were told to bring tables, gas masks, chairs and power. No one ever mentioned other requirements for this event. If I had known how it was going to be, then I would have been more prepared. I didn't even bring a JACKET(stupid I know) as I expected the tent to be heated/shelter. You can imagine my surprise.

It is the lack of communication/respect that people have a right to be concerned about.

The tent itself would have been acceptable if it was tacked down in each 'loop' which the race organizers should have complained to the tent rental company about and got it fixed for Saturday. Personally I couldn't even leave a tool on the table without wind pushing it off and rolling into the 5" of mud.

I understand most racers were prepared(or indoors) however for the minority that were not, it was not a very enjoyable event and that is sad as it really could have been.

My honest feelings that everyone should be in that tent or no one. There should not be 'invite' vs 'uninvited' racers. If everyone had identical conditions then this would not have even been something to bring up.
Ottawa, Ontario
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thrash metal
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Re tent of death

Mike z i never had a chance to meet you the time i was at the race and i too was one of the guys stuck pitting in that piece of crap tent outside and everything you stated in your post pretty much sums things up .

at this event in years previously pitting was permitted upstairs but that changed after the 3rd year

Im sure lots of guys who were relegated to pitting outside would have loved to be given an opportunity to pit inside but when we arrived friday morning we were greeted with a keep out sign on the front door

i understand the guys who slaved to help build the track should be given a chance at the primo pit space and i have no issue for them being rewarded for their hard work in building the track( and as usual the track was top notch) but the rest of the inside pit area shouldnt be reserved strictly for the a main guys

I arrived at the track fri morning at 9 am and would loved to have gotten a pit spot inside but im not one of the a main guys winning races so i had no choice but to pit in the outside tent. When we arrived louie and i saw poles from the tent laying all over the ground . As the weather got worse more poleskept falling over on racers in the tent.

The weather every year is usually unpleasant to say the least and it wasnt very warm. i dont expect heaters for the racers but some kind of speaker so we could hear what was happening inside should have been in place.

Once the rain came and it became a sloppy muddy mess in the tent it just made things worse. the condition of the tent deteriorated throughout the day sat and in late afternoon some guys finally came out and tried to tighten up the poles and ropes holding the tent.

after being told sat night we werent even going to finish the 3rd round of qualifiers i decided id had enough and packed up and left. maybe if thing had been run more organized on sat i would have stayed but i made the decision to go home.

Mike z you sound like you have some experience running races and since other people here made comments about not being able to do a better job you habe stepped up to offer to help run this race if its held next year. Ill tell you what if you end up running this race next year ill volunteer to be the track co ordinator aka pit nazi .

all the points you stated are very viable and hopefully you dont get bashed by certain other people for making these points.
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Mike you have some great points all the way around..good to have u back in the 1/8 ranks..I really enjoyed the respectful points of negative and positive feelings on the race weekend
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Thanks Kevin.

I am 100% in to helping with the event next year. I can assist with running the computer, arranging schedule and doing anything else on 'race weekend' that is necessary and that can be controlled. I would be willing to do more if I lived closer however 7 hour drive is a bit much.

Race organizers please let me know if you want my assistance(once you know the event will take place).

I also want people to know that I am not out here to bash or complain. I only want our amazing hobby to grow and everyone enjoying themselves
Ottawa, Ontario
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