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I am: Brendan G
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Re: 2014 Worlds qualification now posted!

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It would be nice to have complete agreement from all pilots in each class as to who will represent us rather that hold a contest to see who "wins" the positoin. Possibly some knid of nominations based on the 2013 season and pilot history with full support for those nominated and ready to go. I would hate this to produce bad feelings amongst us over a contest or points total to decide. We have all seen where points are accumulated by going to events rather than the flying skills of the pilots. Some of our top pilots can only hit a few contests each year so why penalize them when they actually have the skills to represent us.

I know that with my limited experience that I don't fit into this list myself and have no problem with that but I will definitely give my full support to whoever is going as caller, coach, waterboy, etc.

Criteria perhaps including:

Overall pilot skills
Good representative for team Canada

Just my thoughts and sure to stir things up a bit.

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RCC Contributor
I am: Ron Sebag
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Re: 2014 Worlds qualification now posted!

I'm definitely interested. I will be flying unlimited next year.
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Old 11-02-2012, 07:24 AM   #23
Rick Kroeze
RCC Master Contributor
I am: Rick K
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Re: 2014 Worlds qualification now posted!

As has been said already, I find it difficult to believe that a selection process will be necessary. While many like the idea of going I doubt there will be more than a few that will go due to life, time and $ constraints.

Perhaps an informal poll on here would give a hint as to how many would go. It's only good if people are answering based on reality. Not ""it sure would be nice"

We can't assume that everyone will read on RCC. Is there an easy way to contact every Canadian pilot and just ask if they would even consider going?

The other obvious problem is (other than those already in Unlimited) it's very difficult for pilots to know what class they may be in (and if they feel competitive in that class) when it's 2 years away.

Currently I am willing to be involved as caller, judging, coaching, setup, whatever is helpful.

I plan on going but not as a pilot.
Rick Kroeze
MAAC#70373 IMAC #4460
NC Region Judging Instructor
They say trees are 90% air. Personally I think they are 100% tree.
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I am: Lee P
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Re: 2014 Worlds qualification now posted!

I'll start a poll...can't stand the suspense!
MAAC 9551L-IMAC 3705
Former SA Chairman
Team Great Hobbies
Team Canada IMAC Worlds 2014
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RCC Junior Contributor
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I am: Guglielmo T.
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Re: 2014 Worlds qualification now posted!

This is fantastic ,

Great point Rick , If I may suggest we create an e-flyer and send to all clubs where they can post on their websites I know I will do something similar on our website this will recruite all the interested pilots....I guess like mentioned earlier a small Team Comitee should be put in place to put to work all these great Ideas ...

ie..All necessary logistics
Team selection

Just food for thought...oh Ivan great to see you back!

Guglielmo Teoli
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Old 11-04-2012, 10:06 PM   #26
Henry Piorun
RCC Noob
I am: Henry P
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Re: 2014 Worlds qualification now posted!

Hi Everybody, I'm kind of new to R/C Canada but not new to the hobby.
So I'm flying in the advanced class and would like to compete at the worlds in Muncie.
Having said that, if Canada can send 9 pilots in each class I'm assuming that if you want to go to the worlds you could go, I doubt there are even 9 guys flying advanded in Canada?? Or if there were, probably not more than 9 of use would actually want put in the time, effort and expense to travel there. Is this sort of the thinking so far?
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Old 11-05-2012, 08:44 AM   #27
Ivan Kristensen
RCC Junior Contributor
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I am: Ivan K.
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Futaba 18-MZ

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Re: 2014 Worlds qualification now posted!

Hello Henry and welcome to RCCanada and to IMAC. Wow, It has been a long time since you and I represented Canada together on the Pattern team. If I remember correctly it was in Holland in 1985....

You may well be correct in saying that there will not be enough people (36 in total) who are willing and able to commit to the time and expense required to compete in Muncie. The fact is that we just don't know yet. It is my hope that with some effort we can get more people involved.

I am in the very early stages of trying to organize a one day (possible two day) seminar with emphasis on planning and building enthusiasm for this World Championship on the last weekend in April 2013. We have qualified instructors in Ontario so a Judging School will likely be incorporated as well. More on this later.

The fact that a fellow like your self has come forward at this early stage suggest to me that there may be many others out there who would "step up to the plate" for an opportunity to represent our country at an international event like this.

Being a member of "Team Canada" is an honor bestowed upon a previledged few. 36 of us will have this opportunity in 2014.
Ivan Kristensen
MAAC 5619L AMA 5816-CD
IMAC 5005 - NSRCA 2451
Futaba Team Pilot
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RCC Master Contributor
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I am: Ralph B
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Re: 2014 Worlds qualification now posted!


I think I can help in many ways. I may even fly.Life is short.Chances like this don't come around very often.

I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.
Groucho Marx

Maac # 60449
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Old 11-05-2012, 02:57 PM   #29
Henry Piorun
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I am: Henry P
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Re: 2014 Worlds qualification now posted!

Hi Ivan
I know, time flies doesn't it? It was definately a high light in my model airplane "career"!
Since we all live so far apart from one another I'm hoping that we can use some sort of points system to determine who will be on the team. I guess as long as there are not more than 9 of use who want to go that would work.
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Old 11-06-2012, 05:31 AM   #30
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I am: Isabel D.
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Re: 2014 Worlds qualification now posted!

Hi everyone!

I just got back last night from vacation and back on the internet! Thanks for your patience!

It's AWESOME to see the interest generated by this event. This event can be whatever we want it to be, and if we can grasp it as an opportunity to grow and motivate our scale aerobatics community, it's going to be very positive! So I'm excited to see the motivation it's giving many people.

As soon as I land on my feet (i.e. within a couple days) I will put up a page on scale aerobatics canada with the 'official' information and a sign up / intent to participate sheet, so that we can keep track amidst all the discussion of what the official information is going to be. But for now since the discussion has been going strong, I thought I'd answer a few questions and suggestions raised on this thread and that informal 'who's in' thread on this forum.

Let's start with the fundamentals (i.e. based on MAAC and IMAC rules). Based on MAAC, the Scale Aerobatic committee is given the responsibility for putting forward the names of the team 8 months in advance of any World event for an official discipline of MAAC. Therefore, the selection must be done by winter 2013. Since we are a fairly small community, although the committee will pull the selection process (if one is needed) together, I'm sure that all pilots' voices can be heard in the shaping of that process. The other formal source of information we need to refer to is the IMAC announcement on their webpage. It really represents everything they've set in stone so far. As you can see, the first area that they really hammered out is the US selection process. As far as what concerns Canada, really all we are told is: you can send up to 36 pilots (9 for each class from Sportsman and up), it's up to your governing body (i.e. SA committee) to decide how you pick those pilots, and they have to be eligible to compete in those IMAC categories for that year (i.e. need to take into account the possibility of people being forced to move up due to several wins the year before) In what has been published so far, it's not really made clear what the impact would be if we don't have a full roster of 36 pilots - so I've asked Wayne (IMAC president) about that and although it's not all figured out how the 'team trophy' will be awarded, enough information has come out to safely say that even if we didn't have 36, we'd still be in the running for the "Team trophy" and individual awards). So A full team is a good goal to set but if we don't get a full team, it's fine too.

Basically as a committee our discussion reflects what is unfolding on this forum - we all agree that there is a serious possibility that we won't have more than 9 pilots in each class that want to go and have the resources to (vacation time, can figure out travel etc). If that's the case, then it will be pretty simple to pull our team together. If we have more than 9, then we will have to do a selection process to narrow it down. The two priorities for the selection process would be: it should recognize pilot competency (as it's a competition!) and it should be cognicient of the fact that Canada is a big country and we have a couple of separate 'pools' of competitors that don't necessarily compete against each other and it might be hard to have head-to-head qualifiers. There are many examples of how that is done elsewhere that we can draw unto for inspiration (for example, Tucson uses a submit-your-best-contests model; The US is using regional qualifiers and ensuring regional diversity), but first we can establish whether it's likely that we will need to go to that step. If we don't get many people, then we won't need to do a selection process. If we have only one class with too many people and they're all from the same regional pool, then a qualifier makes sense, but if they are from different regions we'll have to do it a different way. So, we all agree that the first step is getting a rough idea of how many people will be interested, where they are from, and in which categories they would intend on competing in. I will put an official sign up sheet online that will ask for name, location, anticipated class in 2014, and confirmation that you are making the commitment to participate (with the understanding that 'stuff happens' sometimes, but we do need to get an accurate picture we need to know that you are serious about pulling together the ressources to make your way there).

Now, to answer a couple questions/suggestions that have popped up:
-Ivan's suggestion of a seminar / get together is great, I think we have to think about possibly holding a couple of regional ones so that everyone has an opportunity to attend (yes, we'll have to work hard to make sure this is always treated as a national initiative). So perhaps if we can pull together a lead for such info sessions in each location, we can work together to all be on the same page with both information dissemination and discussion questions to be put forward, and regroup afterwards. In practice perhaps this can be combined with the judging seminars we already hold regionally (it could be a focus session at a seminar or a second day, we can figure out what makes sense in each case). If you are interested in helping out with something like this in your area, please let me know (here or by email), we'll start with that! Ivan I already have noted you as interested in pulling toegether for southern ontario.
-Rick's comment "We can't assume that everyone will read on RCC. Is there an easy way to contact every Canadian pilot and just ask if they would even consider going" is on the dot. Rc Canada is only one forum for discussion (and some regions are more active on it than others) and we have to make efforts to reach out to the community at large. So far the channels of communication we have access to are: RcCanada, IMAC webpage, ScaleAerobaticsCanada.com (webpage and user list), SA committee members, MAAC magazine, I will also ask MAAC if we can get a list of people who indicated SA as an interest when they signed up, and asking the contest directors to distribute the info to their participants. If you have other ideas let me know please.
-"it's very difficult for pilots to know what class they may be in (and if they feel competitive in that class) when it's 2 years away." that is true and we have to keep in mind two things: we need to submit a team list after next year's competition season and we need to take into account the 'move-up rule' (which is that if you win 5 contests or more that involved at least 3 pilots in your class, you have to move up at the end of the season). The best we can do right now is that when you give you intent to participate, try to figure out which class you'll be in, as best you can. That will give us a general idea of what we are looking at, and then we can revise it by the end of next year.
-"every pilot needs to be a member of IMAC" - Just to dot the i's and cross the t's (as it seems to be written under the US team selection process, specfically), I can clarify this with Wayne to have the official answer (but ponying up your membership makes sense if you are going to be involved to that degree anyways, as the event is really being pulled together by the IMAC executive )
-"Team uniforms, lodging, convoying, carpooling, possible sponsors etc" - all good points to raise, as a first step I will inquire to MAAC about possible support from the team fund, and we can look at sponsors, but for a large team (36 people!) let's start by operating on the assumption that we will have to mostly fund ourselves, and then if we find some sources of support we can decide how to handle that best (for example if we get a small sum of money, it may not makes sense to divide it up by 36 to cover a donut for everyone but we could think about paying for a couple trailers from various regions, that kind of thing. I don't think we are quite at that stage yet but it never hurts to brainstorm a little).

I think this summarizes where we are at pretty well. I'll put up a summary of the 'official info' and an FAQ page online shortly as I mentionned, as well as an official sign up sheet. Once that's done, we'll disseminate these as broadly as possible, through all the communication channels we mentioned. That will get us started. Keep the discussions and the enthusiasm going! It's going to be very energizing!

Isabel Deslauriers
Team Great Hobbies, Team Futaba & Smart-Fly
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