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Old 12-08-2003, 04:17 PM   #51
Gary Maker
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Its one thing to have differances in opinions and you are intitled to yours, and its your perogotive to dislike whom ever you want. If all you had said is that the MAAC president resigned and you personally feel that this is a step in the right direction for MAAC then thats an honest opinion and is to be respected. But to come on RCCanada and say you were so happy that you had to go change your pants! I feel (my opinion) that it was a blatent disrespect to someone in a volunteer office, voted in by whatever means, who worked so hard for all the members dispite serious cost to himself in health, his own pocket book, and to the hundreds, dare I say thousands of hours he has worked for you and me and all MAAC members. Maybe Wayne wasn't the best president MAAC has ever had but however we feel about him, good or bad, because of the office he held, he deserved our respect.

Jabba I do wish to apologize for my harsh words! I still do think however that it is a shame that you didn't word your origional post differently. There are many people on this site who don't know Wayne and remarks such as in your origional post can do more harm than good! Unfortunitely I don't know you, and you probably are a very nice fellow and I do sincerely hope there remains no hard feelings.

I like Wayne and he is and always will be a good friend and I wish him nothing but the best in his future endevors.
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"Time flies like an arrow - fruit flys like a banana." Groucho Marks
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Old 12-08-2003, 04:35 PM   #52
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I am: Ron
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....well... well.... well...

how short all of our memories are........I also agree that Palmer was a little harsh on his description of an event we have been hearing about for a couple of months now and eventually did happen, but when the World's 2002 event came up short and lost money and the "Manitoba Five" trashed all the volunteers and Chuck Smith across the RC world, and I mean the WHOLE R/C world as reported by these same critics, did anyone come to their defense? No-one, including the top dog. Chuck handed in all the paperwork and every dollar was accounted for and approved by the head office, yet to this day, to my surprise, they are still foaming at the mouth and want heads to roll. But Chuck survived all the negative comments when the truth came out. People who meet Chuck say what a great guy he is, the same for Bransfield, Palmer, Sharpe, etc.
But there is one thing that sticks me about all this......
...if the president wanted to SINCERELY resign, all he had to say was "it was nice to be the president but I am resigning due to personal reasons", but to trash the board on the way out on the official MAAC website, shows the SAME inconsideration as Palmer had in my opinion.
Bransfield's comments on our MAAC site are the equivalent of "screw these idiots on the board, I'm outta here" and if they are his official comments, it's just as sad to see this man of such high regard jump off the plank and make a cheap comment like that as the door wacked him on the way out. He conveys that the board will always have control over the president regardless of who's in there and it leads one to believe that he had never had their confidence from the beginning, or was ineffective.
I agree with Jason to a point, but I think that this topic should get "SPECIAL" consideration to kill it as it isn't representative of rccanada style. That's reserved for that "other" site, although they will remain here to keep the pot boiling if tradition holds true.
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Old 12-08-2003, 05:51 PM   #53
RCC Supreme Contributor
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Don't kill this topic. I would like to know what is it that the board has or has not done. Why 3 president in the past?. Is there something wrong at the top that the general member such as myself is not aware of?

I would like to see the next presidents agenda discussed on this board.

Do we need some new blood?

PS I don't know who Palmer is
MAAC Jet Committee Member
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Old 12-08-2003, 06:08 PM   #54
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I am: Keith Morison
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One thing that always makes me cringe is when statements are turned around on people
Originally Posted by Gary Maker
... But to come on RCCanada and say you were so happy that you almost crapped your pants!
Just for accuracy sake, Palmer didn't comment on the substance causing his need to change his pants ... it was not defined as solid or liquid or for that matter the colour or consistancy of the liquid if it were a liquid.

None-the-less, The president of any association handing in their resignation is never a good thing, and from what I have seen is also rarely a reflection of the outgoing person.
Knowing Wayne for as many years as I have I can safely say that MAAC is loosing a president who worked for the betterment of the whole association, who spoke his mind and was not afraid to give a straight answer, and wasn't afraid to let people know where they stood with him. He stood his ground in many battles that should have bnever been fought and he always did what he felt was the best for the association.
In all of my experience there was never any guessing with wayne and there were never any surprises ... But then again I always kept an open line of communication and was not afraid to have an honest conversation with him.
Keith Morison
MAAC 24909L
Morison Communications - Publishers of Model Aviation Canada
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Old 12-08-2003, 06:11 PM   #55
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shame on u in my opinion wayne saved our club and gave us all the help we needed when we were in trouble
i also would like to see if the next prez has as much hutspa as wayne to say what he means and not beat around the bush
tanx wayne for all the help dispite all the resistance u have encountered

pres of the simcoe club
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Old 12-08-2003, 07:03 PM   #56
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I think it is a good thing to explain why you are resigning. To be in the position of President and having decisions made by a board that you disagree with is a difficult position to be in. You are expected to liaise with the employees and "manage" the association with the board steering, but if the steering is in a direction you don't agree with it is difficult to "manage".
Normally this would happen with a President that has been in office too long and who begins to feel he/she knows it all. This not being the case with MAAC, I would like someone to explain to me why you would vote someone into office who has such different ideas than you have. Is it just because he was the only one on the board willing to take on the added work and therefore gets the position by "default". I think that must be the case but is a sad state for MAAC to be in. If anyone has any other ideas as to why the President position doesn't seem to be enjoyed lately I would be interested in seeing them.
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Old 12-08-2003, 07:28 PM   #57
RCC Supreme Contributor
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I am: Ron
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when you said this.........

"I think it is a good thing to explain why you are resigning. To be in the position of President and having decisions made by a board that you disagree with is a difficult position to be in. You are expected to liaise with the employees and "manage" the association with the board steering, but if the steering is in a direction you don't agree with it is difficult to "manage". "

-------is it a good thing for the MAAC prez to say this to the whole frigging R/C world that he can't deal with 8 other people so he has to desert all of MAAC? AMA members read MAAC's website. FAI members read this.... and so on....
Why couldn't he wait til the next AGM in March......three months away.
The captain abandoned the ship.........plain and simple and used the Board as an excuse. Plain and simple. Unless someone else typed that statement without his knowledge.

p.s Is he gonna restate this lame board rhetoric in the MAAC mag too?
Might as month we get Maynard Hill...........the next month Benedict Arnold. If something is broke.........fix it..........don't walk away and leave for someone else to fix.
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Old 12-08-2003, 07:30 PM   #58
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I had the distinct pleasure to dine across the banquet table with Wayne Bransfield during the weekend at which he attended the MB AZM. Wayne is a true gentleman in every sense of the word. I for one, will miss him as our MAAC President. Good Luck Wayne!

I have been a MAAC member for well over 30 years and I have seen a lot of shenanigans from our elected members, but I cannot even begin to fathom the unscrupulous political manoeuvering that would cause this resignation. I think we might all resign if we were party to Wayne's knowledge of the inner "workings" of MAAC. To say there is dissent at the top level is an understatement.

The trouble is that it is all hearsay and as such is usually 'spun' in the teller's direction. What we seem to need is a venue to get the real issues back to the membership at large so we might have an inclination as to what is going on in our organization. However; given the current state of the structure of MAAC ('the board, ZD's, zones, member clubs, and members) I cannot see how we will ever get to hear the real information sans 'spin'. Just a thought... one method might be a password controlled web site at which we might view all MAAC meeting minutes? That probably would not help much as I would imagine most of the meetings are over the phone/email and likely not well documented.

Palmer's post, while poorly constructed, was obviously targeted without any premeditation, to elicit the responses it has. I thank Palmer for opening this venue for all who have posted their support for Wayne and dismay at his resignation. Palmer is entitled to his personal opinion and the manner, however rudely, in which he chooses to profess it. Hopefully he has an ample supply of pants. No person would or should construe Palmer's post to reflect the opinion of anyone else much less the club(s) of which Palmer is a member.

We need to know what the ZD's on the board that both did and did not support Wayne Bransfield are planning. I think we should all read the recommendations and resolutions that have come from all the annual zone meetings this season and see what the thrust of each zone is for MAAC's future goals. Would there appear to be a hint amongst the verbiage as to the political 'games' that are afoot???

Len Gladstone
MAAC 8878
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Old 12-08-2003, 07:33 PM   #59
Marc Sharpe
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Originally Posted by Jabba
Well I have read all the replys.

IMHO - I'm still glad to see Wayne resign.

Did he work hard for MAAC... well I thing we ALL do.

You sir began this thread. It was ignorant, it was meant to be ignorant and the meaning cannot be any more clear.

The rest is damage control and weak justification for doing something stupid instead of doing the proper thing.

Again, I continue to marvel at the positive comments spanning the entire country regarding Wayne's efforts which should be telling to anyone reading this thread. Our hobby is about fun and flying models and when people from around the country relate stories of talking and flying models, you are paying him a much better compliment than talking about toy airplane politics.

One club president speaks of how Wayne helped save their field because he knows without fields and frequencies and insurance, we have nothing.

He was instrumental in getting MAAC on the Radio Advisory Board of Canada which is the governing body that holds the control of our frequencies. Does anyone know that ON Hydro is interested in using our frequencies? Fortunately MAAC does because of Wayne's efforts and I can only hope that his successor has the same relationship with the RABC to try and put the brakes on Hydro's ambition. Before Wayne became President, Frequency issues were all but forgotten by the board along with MAAC's need to keep an influence on government. My first AGM, I was shocked at the lack of action on this particular issue and was one of the main reasons I voted for Wayne.

Recent efforts with Transport Canada are also terribly important issues for every member of MAAC and it absolutely floors me that some would be so petty as to jump in front of that process because of a personal dislike for a person. Any knucklehead should easily be able to figure out that turning the organization's back on Transport Canada at this juncture is stupid. This is the government arm that holds our hobby in their hands and I fear Wayne's loss from that process will be seriously detrimental to the process. Did you know that the US's "Homeland Security" held senate debate to discuss banning the flying of all RC aircraft in the US recently and that Wayne spoke before that committee? Do you think that might have affected us? Think it's possible it might happen here? Think it might be a good idea to reestablish a relationship with the government that had also been ignored by previous administrations?

Folks, MAAC is more one event or one person. It's there to look after the basic issues that affect every modeller in this country and the expensive distraction of events like World Scale 2002 means very little when stacked beside "real" issues.

Wayne's comments on the website reflect his anger at those who fail to understand what is really important to ALL the members. One idiot even went so far as to personally contact the only insurance company that bothered to offer MAAC insurance last year and tell them that MAAC was going to take on 1000 high powered rocket modellers? What would possess some fool to do such a thing, particularly when it is BullSh*#. That could have caused that company to not renew? What in the hell would be the reason for such stupidity? No wonder Wayne is angry. Do you know the next closest insurance offer was in excess of 300K.

The fact is Wayne had majority support of the board or he would not have been there.

I'm know Wayne would also like to thank the Zone Directors from:

St. Lawrence, Quebec, Middle, Manitoba, Saskachewan, Alberta, BC and Pacific for their unwavering support over the years and those ZD's understanding that this organization is not about one person, or one event or a handful of egos.................its's about doing what is right and best for Every member of this association.

For the one person who asked about those in the top of MAAC. There is something you can do:

Encourage someone who loves the hobby and participates around the region to run for Zone director. Look for people with broad interests and those who love to have fun and have backbone and vote them in as your Zone DIrector!

..........the funny part is Jabba, you have provided an opportunity for the membership to express their appreciation for Wayne's efforts and I have to thank you for that. I hope Wayne stops in some time to read them and help put much of his 3 years in perspective.

........recent escapee from the nut farm and Loogan hunter!
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Marc sharpe wrote:

[quote] ... banning the flying of all r/c aircraft...

That may not be as unlikely as you think. Considering the post 9-11 mindset of some security agencies.
I suspect (but can't prove) security concerns may have played a small part in the loss of CFB Shearwater as a flying site.

MAAC #57828
Living dangerously in the Low Fly Zone (seakings overhead !!!!)
Aircraft Maintenence Engineer-Structures apprentice
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