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Old 01-25-2004, 01:25 AM   #1
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CA Glues + Glue Bottles-What ticks you off?

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This ought to be good for a chuckle or two guy's.With winter upon us and we're all tucked away in our work shops doing the balsa beaver routine(hopefully generating something more air worthy than balsa dust), I was thinking about the different brands of CA's that I've used over the years and was mentally comparing the glues and the bottles that they came in.

How many times have you meticulously aligned two parts ,grabbed the CA bottle to glue it and....................................NUTTIN!!!!A nything short of running the 3/8 inch drill with a 3/8 inch drill bit on the end of it aint going to free up that sucker any time soon!You have a better shot of getting Heinz Ketchup out of a bottle after its been sitting outside for a week in a snow bank at -40 degrees celsius than some of these blasted tips on these glue bottles.I'm presently using Cyberbond Ca and both the glue itself and the glue bottles(in particular) are driving me nuts.Absolutely can't stand these stupid applicator tips.They are using the exact same bottles as the old Hobbico Bullet CA's from years ago.Wouldn't surprise me at all even if it is the same company making this stuff under 20 different names.Can't wait to get back to my old NHP "FLASH" glues.It sets quicker,wicks better.The thin is actually "THIN" and doesn't look like somebody mixed half a bottle of thin with half a bottle of medium.The NHP "FLASH" glues have annoying applicator tips too and eventually after prolonged use ,you can't get the caps back on those too well either.I started keeping my old CA applicator tips(the ones that were usually off the "THIN" formula as they don't get wrecked quite as badly as the "MEDIUM" seems to from scraping,twisting,cutting the crap of of them so you can get the cap back on) and soaking them in a jar off acetone.It actually will disolve the crud off of the tips if left in there long enough to soak(days usually).This works well until the acetone becomes saturated with disolved CA itself,in which case you just dump the acetone and replace it with fresh stuff.

Here are a few questions for you guy's.Lets hear your comments:

#1-What is the absolute worst CA you have ever used and why do you think so?

#2-What is the absolute worst CA applicator bottle/tip you have ever had the displeasure of using?

#3-In your opinion,which brand of CA do you feel does the best job of delivering on both quality of CA and a hassle free(O.K ,less hassles ) applicator bottle/tip?

Any comical CA tales/horror stories would be fun for the guy's to read are more than welcome in this discussion to.Good comic relief ay! :P

Asta la vista! :P
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I am: Dave M.
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I don't have a bad brand but find that Flash and
Zap brands are good quality CA's. I don't think you
can avoid the crusty mess that happens no matter
which applicator you use unless you maintain them.
By that l mean wipe off as much excess as possible
before replacing the cap, this will slow the inevitable.
Once l really glued my thumb and first finger together
with thin CA. when l was glueing balsa pieces.
I got the balsa free but not my digits
After soaking in nail polish remover for a lengthy period
l still couldn't get them apart,
OK what now I took my hobby knife and very
gently cut at the glue as l pulled
finally freedom at last. My solution was a bit drastic
( l tell everyone it was bravery )
It was either that or go through life giving everyone
the OK sign
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Old 01-25-2004, 07:45 AM   #3
Kevin McGrath
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I am: kevin w
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I like ZAP and also BUSA.I use those clear plastic applicator thingies a lot and dont depend on the cap on the bottle.
The first time you insert anything in the applicator on the bottle is the begginning of the end of that bottle........dont do it.........cut the top back if you have to .
Gluing fingers together calls for immediate action I guess but the oils in your skin will reject the CA in about 24 hours,which is better than chewing and spitting.
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Old 01-25-2004, 08:06 AM   #4
Dan Nadeau
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The crap in the cap is hard to avoid. I run a small drill bit (by hand) or a small pointed file in the cap to get the dried stuff out of it.

What annoys me the most is the small piece of dried glue that gets pushed into the bottle when I open the tip with a small T pin. When I try to apply some CA, the dried piece gets pushed back into the tip blocking it tighter than before.

The only way to solve this problem is to twist the top off the bottle with a pair of pliers and fish the piece out from the inside.

And sometimes, I get very attached to my airplane.
If a little is good and more is better, too much is just right!

Dan Nadeau
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For thin I use the eye droppers that are sold. Works great and the CA bottle doesn't get overspill as easily.

For medium, I wipe the bottle with a rag before replacing the cap but no matter what, in time it clogs up. Luckily during build season, the glue is used up before this gets too bad.

As for getting fingers glued, nothin' better than biting CA off your finger tips after a good build session.

Bob D.
Ajax RC Club
Indoor Aero-Choppers
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Lighten Up, Life is waaaaaayyyy too short
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Old 01-25-2004, 08:41 AM   #6
wise guy
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clogged c/a bottles

This must be one of the most troblesome problem in our hobby . I too soak my tips in a baby food jar to clean them , I keep some old ones from used bottles and exchange them when the other is too clugged that way there is always a clean tip to use. When c/a was first on the market they had very small tubes that you put in the tip of the bottle and if they cloged you just cut them off . This also saved allot of c/a and was less messy. Do any one of you oldtimers remember Amboid Glue and chewing it off your fingers the next day ?
Wise Guy
Sun Parlor R/C club
Windsor Ont
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I found a way to avoid the buildup on the top but unfortunately it requires some discipline. Immediately after each use, wipe the tip with paper towel AND (this is important), with the bottle upright squirt out any CA still in the tip and dry with the towel. Works very well until you forget to do it once...

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Old 01-25-2004, 09:06 AM   #8
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I've been using the applicator droppers for a few years
these are great for all the ca glues and thinned carpenter's type glue
Craig 4850
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Gary Maker
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Each year before I go to the Toledo Expo, I sit down and try to extimate how much glue I will require for the coming year and make the purchase at the show. Their prices are the best you will find. The same purchase includes a half dozen new tips and caps for the CA. (50 cents each) Also I purchase a package or two of the long aplicator tips, the ones that just push on over the regular tips.

When I am about to glue anything, with the bottle upright, I squeeze a bit of the air out of the bottle and then holding it in that position, I apply the glue. Still holding the bottle, I set it upright and slowly release the pressure on the bottle which sucks the glue in the tip back into the bottle from the tip. Wipe off any excess glue and re cap. This works better for me than squarting out the excess glue for obvious reasons.

This is not a perfect solution but works very well. If the glue still plugs the tip, I carefully cut the tip back slightly until the opening is free. With the long applicator tips you can get several trim cuts before having to replace it. When eventually the bottle tip is plugged beyond fixing, I simple replace the whole unit with one of the spares that I purchased.

There was a display one time at Toledo where they were selling rubberized CA. Was sort of a black colour glue but dried fairily clear. It was suppose to give you a bit of a flexable glue joint to hold in areas suseptable to vibration. It did work good but it was the worse stuff I ever used. Tips clogged almost after every application and once the bottle was opened you had maybe a week to use it all or it went hard in the bottle. I purchased 3 bottles and ended up throwing about 80% of it in the garbage. (in my estimation thats where it belonged anyway)

I store unopened bottles of CA in the refrigerator until needed which keeps it very fresh. I always have a bottle of debonder handy, cause like the rest of us, the enevitable happens. And it is kind of neat biting the glue off your fingers at the end of the building session.
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Re: CA Glues + Glue Bottles-What ticks you off?

Originally Posted by Turbobeaver

#1-What is the absolute worst CA you have ever used and why do you think so?

- I dislike Sattelite City (hot stuff) it allways went off in the bottle for me, and the tips clogged up for me.

#2-What is the absolute worst CA applicator bottle/tip you have ever had the displeasure of using?

ZAP. Yes, its good glue. But the fact the cap is not removeable really REALLY bugs me, as once it is clogged you are forced to hack away untill you have a big opening.

#3-In your opinion,which brand of CA do you feel does the best job of delivering on both quality of CA and a hassle free(O.K ,less hassles ) applicator bottle/tip?

I like Flash CA. Have been buying it in bulk (usually12 ounces at a time) and I go through 30 to 40 ounces a year easy. I have NEVER had it go off on me in the bottle, it is pretty cheap and the tips are as good or better than anything. I also buy spare caps/tips.


Asta la vista! :P
Andrew Coholic -MAAC #26287L

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if its got a wing or two and an engine - I like it!
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