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Old 04-11-2008, 01:44 PM   #1
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Just blowing off some steam!

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This has nothing to do with RCCanada or even RC in general, nothing to do with my post regarding spelling or anything else RCC related. I just need a moment to blow off some steam right now. Don't really know why I feel the need to type it out, but it somehow makes me feel a little better.

Our body shop shares a large bay with a mechanics shop next door. This isn't that bad of a deal, but in order to paint, you need to try to maintain a certain temperature. I don't have a heated make up air system in my booth, so I have to try to rely on ambient temperature. When the fan is running it's hard to keep it warm, but the shop is capable of warming up fairly quickly when I turn the fans off. That is of course IF the shop next to me remembers to close the overhead doors on their side!!

Of course they never do, it doesn't matter how many times I ask politely, ask forcefully, or even go over and close them myself, it doesn't happen! Then, the only time it seems they DON'T open the doors (assuming they were closed) is when they start running cars so then the entire shop is filled with exhaust! I have offered to go buy furnace ducting for them to put over the exhaust's and run it outside the door, they've even bought some themselves, but again, do you think they can use it???

I end up having to run my heaters at full crank to warm it up in here because they keep opening the doors and leaving them, so my heating bills are ridiculous.
To add insult to injury, I have closed their doors 4 times already today (it's not even noon) and they aren't even in their shop working!!! They come in, move a car, and they're gone for 45 minutes. I generally give them about a 10 minute window before I go close their doors in case they are moving in another car or on a test drive, but even when on a test drive, it shouldn't be that hard to close a door!

The exhaust, besides not being healthy, creates another problem when they don't use the hoses to run the exhaust outside. The exhaust residue, particularly from a car burning oil, gets on EVERYTHING. This causes all kinds of problems with fish eyes in the paint. Today I had to repaint a hood because of this very problem, while I was painting it yesterday they decided to run a car for 20 or so minutes, the exhaust fumes of course get sucked into my booth (the filters only stop so much) and caused problems for me. I don't have this problem when they remember to put the hoses on the exhausts. Even if you forget about the problems this causes me with paint, the exhaust fumes get so strong in the shop some days I have to leave. If OHS ever came in and saw them doing that I'm sure they'd get shut down!

Ok, I'm just ranting, the solution would be of course to move to a different shop, which I'd love to do as I'm out of space here anyway, but the cost of moving the paint booth, getting the electrical redone etc is huge. I can't afford to move anything right now.
So, for today, I guess I'll just have to deal with it for another 6 hours, then I can go home.

Honestly though, my biggest complaint is with the doors, is it really that hard to close the stupid things???

Sorry for the rant....
But thanks for the space to do so....
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Blowing off steam

Well, you have a problem indeed.
What I would do since nothing is working;
I would do my work off hours. Evenings or on thru the night.
Shift work is not all that bad it kept the boss away when I use
to work.
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Old 04-11-2008, 02:02 PM   #3
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Sure got you trained. Just like dealing with kids: they leave a mess, you pick it up. They leave more mess. You pick it up.

Guy has a pretty good suggestion actually. Overlap your work so you end your day say an hour after they start. Your customers can pick up their car first thing in the morning then you go home. It might even generate some goodwill for you being able to pick their car up on the way into work instead of having to leave work early to get to you b4 you close.

Crappy working nights though.

Question: you share the space: who pays the heating bill for that shared space? Sounds like you might be paying more than your fair share.
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Old 04-11-2008, 03:35 PM   #4
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Trying to get people to close doors or turn off lights is an exercise in futility! Either they have the clues or they don't.
The car exhaust issue, on the other hand, is a whole different thing. A call to Workplace Health and Safety, or Workers Comp should get some action. Even Sunny Manitoba has some pretty stiff language about that. I imagine that B.C. would be even stiffer. You folks were leading the charge re emissions etc.
Good luck, and don't take no for an answer when you call the health people!
Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional!
"Do or do not...there is no try"
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Sounds like you need a sign my dad put up in our garage when I was a kid and would leave the doors open....

"this door is NOT and A$$hole...it WON'T CLOSE IT SELF!"

we got the point...and it was kinda funny

Bill......AKA "WW"
MAAC 46039
WOW 2000 POSTS...WOW...I need a hobby...wait...I have a hobby!
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michel gravelle
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Believe me , when I tell you , I know what you are takig about . I find many , many people inconsiderit . They speak one way , and react another .

What I do is think about the ones that mean most to me , not much , but it helps .

Heres something stupid , hug a tree Who s more stupid ME or THEM

Take care of youre self

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Originally Posted by LGM Guitars View Post
This has nothing to do with RCCanada or even RC in general, nothing to do with my post regarding spelling or anything else RCC related. I just need a moment to blow off some steam right now. Don't really know why I feel the need to type it out, but it somehow makes me feel a little better....
OK, you're quite forgiven for having a rant or two with us providing the understanding shoulder and hopefully some ideas.

By "sharing a bay", I'm assuming that half of the bay is taken up with your paintbooth and the rest is the repair shop.

Obviously, the situation is not working, so I'm going to ask the important question: who pays the rent and utilities? That is, whose name is on the lease agreement. If its yours, you do have a couple of options in your favour.

First: Check out the price on leasing a complete bay elsewhere in the complex and moving the booth there. Don't cut off your nose to spite your face prematurely.

1) Talk to the owner of the other business over beer or coffee or whatever and explain what's going on. Keep your cool and don't get riled or angry -- let him blow up and make an idiot of himself (hard to do but can be done -- once you get angry, you loose focus and can say and do things that put you at a complete disadvantage). State that the arrangement is not working out because you need the termperature to stay steady in order to get a good paint job, and the doors get left open or the exhaust tubes aren't being used, plus your heating bills are through the roof because of this. Ask for his input on the solutions (he buys out your half of the lease, he moves, you move, he pays for half of the heat bill.....)
2) A formal letter (your lawyer will write it up properly for a nominal charge) that states that the arrangement is not working (doors left open, exhaust fumes, oily exhaust residue, etc.) and that you are asking them to either amend their behaviour or vacate the premises on or before a specified date. You may have to make a cash offer to "break" the current arrangments but it should be less than the loss to your business. Alternate is that you're moving out and he now has to assume the full lease.
3) Formal complaint to the WCB or whatever is your local labour board on the problems that exist. This may be a sledge-hammer approach as no one will be happy.

I've had a friend who was a mechanic and every time he tried sahring a bay like you are, there was nothing but problems. Those of us from the MMFC who remember Ron Jellison know what I mean.
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Old 04-12-2008, 04:39 PM   #8
I am: Boolean21
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Things are looking better today.
Yesterday after sitting and doing a slow boil for a while I went to Home Depot, spent $23 on some dryer vent and came back. I went into their office and told them "this is for you guys, make sure it's over the exhausts when you run the cars or I will start billing any contaminated paint that has to be redone to you guys.
Well, within the hour they were running a car without the vent on and I "diplomatically" lost it. If there is such a thing. I didn't call anyone names, didn't point fingers, but I definitely was not happy. Today the temperature is over 20 so the doors aren't a issue, but I made it very clear that if the doors are not kept closed when it's cold I will not be paying my part of the heating bill.

It is a difficult arrangement as it is not my name on the lease, I sub-lease from the other shop. We split the heating bill based on square footage (I have 33% of the sq ft, so I pay 33% of the heat. The problem is not with the owner of the other shop, he wants the doors closed as well because when the heat is cranked, his 66% goes up the same amount. So it's to his benefit as well to make sure they're closed. The problem lies in the fact that he isn't here that often and his employee's don't seem to care, of course they're not the ones paying the bills. As for the exhaust, I made it very clear that beyond the paint problems I have, it's a health risk and I will not stand for it at all anymore. I put in a $45,000 booth to keep everyone safe, they can use a $20 piece of hose.
So far it's working, we'll see what the next week or so brings.

I would love to move to another shop, for reasons other than those discussed above, I just plain need more space, but moving a paint booth and all the other equipment doesn't come cheap and I simply can't afford to do so right now.

Either way, I just needed some space to vent, which I did, hopefully the resolutions are adhered to now.
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hay there i feel your pain man! i am a industrial painter my self i know exactly what you are saying we kinda have the same prob our in are shop !
doors open an close all the time around here, not to mention that we at spraying in are blast bay and prep bay all the time lately .a few days ago i was spraying a trailer in the prep bay and buddy was running a deisel steamer in the prep bay so i had crazy moister
probs . and fish eys out my as$ from the deisel smoke sucks

just thought i would say that you are not the ony one !
hope you can find a solution
Johnny ground pounder !
tree top flyer
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Dave Holmes
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This has got to be one of the most civilized episodes of "venting" I have seen in some time! You have a problem and want to share, this is the way to do it; no expletives, no rough language, just state the problem and your frustrations and get it off your chest without killing someone. Way to go!

I do hope you have some resolution to your problem. the behaviour of the perps does reflect poorly on their upbringing.
Dave Holmes

The older I get, the better I used to be!
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