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Old 12-27-2008, 04:26 PM   #81
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Re: Quebec Clubs need your help CPTAQ

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The text below was sent to M.Charest's office as well as to my MNA's (Geoffrey Kelley) office. If you don't know your MNA's email address, check


Dear M. Charest,

I am not in the habit of writing to any level of government, but recent actions by the CPTAQ to close a number of radio controlled (R/C) aircraft clubs around the province have made it clear to me that attention is needed. In essence, the CPTAQ has declared that club activities on land zoned agricultural is illegal and is taking the clubs to court to have them stop. Given that the clubs are all run by volunteers and operate on minimal budgets it is unlikely that they will be able to afford to properly defend themselves in court, so action by the offices of you or your ministers to direct some common sense at the CPTAQ is the only way forward.

While I can understand the need to avoid rampant conversion of Quebec's agricutural land to other uses, the figures as they relate to R/C clubs demonstrate just how insignificant the impact is. According to the ministry of agriculture, fisheries and food, the total amount of agricultural land in Quebec in 2001 was approximately 1.85 million hectares. The total amount of land used by R/C clubs across the provice has been estimated to be approximately 350 acres, or less than 0.01% of the agricultural land in Quebec. In the cases that I am aware of the land is rented by the clubs, and it is clear that if the owner wishes to use the land for agricultural production the lease will not be renewed - there is no permanent loss of the land, merely temporary use of unused land.

Finding land to enable us to enjoy our hobby is always a challenge. Most participants live in or around cities or towns, yet we need to find areas where we are sufficiently removed from houses or buildings to avoid bothering the occupants. This pushes us to the outskirts of the towns or cities, where, in the normal course of events, the land is zoned agricultural. Denying our use of agricultural land will thus end the practice of the hobby, for all intents and purposes, in Quebec.

As a professional working in the Quebec aerospace industry for the past 25 years, and as a father of two young boys, I am always looking for opportunities to encourage my sons to think more about, and to enjoy, the technology that sets this province apart. The hobby of R/C aircraft has been very good in this regard, and I am angered that it will be ended by a government body that appears unable to apply common sense to a simple issue - the R/C clubs of Quebec pose no danger to the agricultural production capability of the province, and the effective ending of the hobby is directly at odds with the need to encourage its citizens to learn more about the high technology areas that will be the future of the provice.

Further information on this matter is available from:
M. Jean Chevalier, président for Club Modéliste Montérégie Napierville: 450-246-4543
M. Steve Wolox, MAAC Director for St-Lawrence Zone: 514-944-8241
M. Paul Burrage, MAAC Assistant Director for St-Lawrence Zone: 514-646-0536

Your truly,
Andrew Fernie
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Tyler P
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Re: Quebec Clubs need your help CPTAQ

Very well put! This is a very frustrating issue! I'm new, and in Ontario, but I truly feel bad for the Quebec clubs that are going to suffer over absolutely ridiculous reasoning! As your e-mail states, there is no permenant damage or blockage of use to the agricultural lands by the RC clubs! They're simply using it to fly over for crying out loud! You don't even need a huge field. A landing strip is all you need, if that's what it comes down to.

If the CPTAQ has issue with the lands not being used for agriculture, let the farmers grow some hay fields and just cut a nice strip in the middle for landing.

Idiots......why do they have to get in the way of such a harmless activity as flying?! It's such an enjoyable and non-intrusive thing to use presently unused land for.
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Old 12-28-2008, 12:02 AM   #83
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Post Re: Quebec Clubs need your help CPTAQ


moi aussi en temps modéliste je suis affecter en tant que personne pratiquant ce merveilleux passe-temps .Ces frustrant que certaine personne essai de détruire de d'autre personne comme ça ( la jalousie qu'est ce ça peut faire de nos jours ) il préfère que les champs qui sont supposée être pour l' agriculture demeure vacant pour qu'il puisse y installer leur Grosse Éolienne Géante. Sa ça rapporte bien plus au gouvernement . désoler pour mes mots direct mais a un moment quand sait assez sais !!!!!!!! Ces toujours les Loisirs qui doivent payer le gros prix... Nos Ministre devrait prendre le temps de vivre un peut plus et aller au moins une fois leur vie ou Mandat voir sait quoi ce Beaux Loisir qu'est l'Aéromodélisme.... lâcher surtout pas ont vous support a 100% et même plus..

Mario Tardif
vice Président
Les Ailes du Madawaska
Mario Tardif

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Re: Quebec Clubs need your help CPTAQ

Dear M. Andre Charest, Premier
Dear Mme. Nathalie Normandeau, Vice-Premier
Dear Mme. Michelle Courchesne, Education, Sport and Leisure Minister
Dear Mme. Marguerite Blais, Seniors Minister
Dear Mr. Tony Tomassi, Minister for the Family.

I belong to a group of Quebec Radio Control Hobbysts that would like to call to your attention the threat to our hobby posed by the CPTAQ (Commission de Protection du Territoire Agricole de Quebec) actions.
I understand the reasons for the creation of the CPTAQ but unfortunately I have to call you attention to the indiscriminate application of its power to a very small minority who have no means of defending themselves.

Radio Control Clubs in Quebec fly their Airplanes and Helicopters in farmland because it is one of the natural environments where their activities can be done safely and away from populated areas.
We support anyone who would like to start an entertaining, instructing and safe hobby no matter their age and social status.

The amount of land used for these activities is minimal. The land is rented from farmers who otherwise will keep it fallow or unused.

We would like to be able to explain our position in a more formal manner by requesting an audience or by having the opportunity to demonstrate our activities at your convenience.

We will appreciate you contacting the following with your kind reply:

M. Jean Chevalier, président for Club Modéliste Montérégie Napierville: 450-246-4543

M. Steve Woloz, MAAC Director for St-Lawrence Zone: 514-944-8241

M. Paul Burrage, MAAC Assistant Director for St-Lawrence Zone: 514-646-0536

Thank you for attention to this matter
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Re: Quebec Clubs need your help CPTAQ

Here is a copy of the letter I sent to the Quebec prime minister.

Monsieur le premier ministre Jean Charest,
Je vous écrit pour que vous interveniez auprès de la C.P.T.A.Q. en ce qui concerne les Clubs d' avions téléguidés qui ont du cesser leurs activités.

Ce passe-temps demande l'utilisation d'espaces minimums pour pouvoir prendre place de façon sécuritaire. LA C.P.T.A.Q. a décidé d' abolir ce merveilleux passe-temps en empêchant des clubs d'avions de continuer leurs opérations dans les zones agricoles.

Il n'est pas possible dans biens des cas d' exercer cette activité ailleurs comme dans des zones commerciales à cause de la proximité des bâtiments et des routes.

A bien des endroits à travers le monde les municipalités et les gouvernements encouragent l'existence de ce passe-temps car celui-ci aide à développer l'intéret des jeunes en aéronautique. C'est là que ça commence.

M. Charest, ce passe-temps n'emprunte que 0.01 % des terres agricoles du Québec. Les clubs louent ces espaces aux agriculteurs et ces surfaces empruntées peuvent retrouver leur destinée première dans quelques jours si le besoin s' en fait sentir.

La communauté de tous les membres de club d' avions téléguidés
au Québec compte sur vous pour que vous rappeliez les actions et décisions prises par la C.P.T.A.Q.

Au nom de tous les membres de ce merveilleux passe-temps
Monsieur Charest,

Je vous remercie
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Re: Quebec Clubs need your help CPTAQ

I sent the following into our Premier and the other recipients identified by Bob...

Dear Mr. Jean Charest,

I am writing to you on behalf of other like-minded hobbyists who are active participants in flying Remote Control (R/C) model aircraft in Quebec. In the past few years, a Quebec government office, namely the CPTAQ, has been actively attacking the lively-hood of R/C Clubs in the Quebec region by bringing them (or the owners of the land on which they reside) to court in order to force them to stop using the airspace over agricultural land for flying model airplanes and helicopters.

So far, at least 5 clubs of the 19 in Quebec are in jeopardy or have already ceased operating due to court hearings. Many of these clubs have been in existence for more than a decade, in fact one in particular, Brossair ( has been on the same plot of farmland with the permission of the property owners for close to 18 years.

These R/C clubs act as responsible citizens, guardians of the property they have been allocated, ensuring vandalism is kept in check and provide a safe and enjoyable environment for hundreds of citizens from young to old.

The land utilized by these R/C clubs in total amounts to approximately 1.5 square kilometers of land, this is less than 0.01% of the total approximate 20,000 square kilometers (based on 2001 figures) of agricultural land in Quebec.

These R/C clubs are sanctioned under the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada (MAAC -, formed in 1949), whereby they are required by MAAC to operate a safe environment, follow a strict set of guidelines for their field layout and operate their model aircraft under strict procedures to minimize the risk of injury to persons and property. MAAC provides access to an Insurer for coverage in the event of injury or property damage provided the R/C clubs are sanctioned by MAAC.

By CPTAQ forcing the closure of the R/C clubs in Quebec the pursuit of this vast and fulfilling hobby risks being eradicated within Quebec. A hobby which holds the interest of hundreds of Quebec citizens and supports many local businesses, many of these being family run and in business for many years.

The hobby of R/C aircraft also provides an excellent catalyst in inspiring young people into the aerospace industry which is so important to the economy of Quebec. There are many hobbyists who have gone on to be successful in such companies as Bombardier, Pratt & Whitney, Bell Helicopter and Rolls-Royce. I myself was inspired as a young boy attending a local R/C display in England where I grew up and now enjoy a successful career as an engineer with Rolls-Royce Canada.

Please take this letter to heart and consider the good citizens we the hobbyists of Quebec try to promote and ask the CPTAQ to reconsider the unjust acts they are waging on our R/C clubs.

Yours sincerely,

For more information please contact the following representatives:

M. Jean Chevalier, président du Club Modéliste Montérégie Napierville, Qc. 450.246.4543
Monsieur Steve Woloz, Directeur de la zone St-Laurent : 514.944.8241
Monsieur Paul Burrage : assistant-directeur de la zone St-:Laurent : 514.646.0536
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Re: Quebec Clubs need your help CPTAQ

Bonjour à toutes,

Je m’appelle Diane et je suis moi aussi à l’apprentissage pour faire voler un avion téléguidé, ce n’est pas chose facile, j’en conviens, mais j’essaie.

Depuis que ce forum à débuter, je n’ai lue aucun commentaire de la part de vous mes dames. Pourtant lorsque l’on parle et dit que l’aéromodéliste est un sport familiale à mon avis famille = homme, femme et enfants. Je sais bien, que pour la majorité, se sont les hommes qui pratiquent se sport, je suis bien d’accord avec vous, mais,

N’oubliez pas :
Premièrement : mes dames, préfèreriez-vous que vos maris ou vos chums soient à flâner dans les hôtels, les bars ou encore les tavernes, au lieu d’être au champ avec leur avions et les enfants bien souvent.

Deuxièmement : les jeunes, que nous voyons au terrain se sont vos enfants, préfèreriez-vous qu’ils trainent dans les rues.

Troisièmement : mes dames pour quelques unes d’entrevous, vous volez aussi, (ici, je pourrais mettre des noms) ils y en à même qui font de la compétition, avez-vous écrit aux différents Ministres et au Premier Ministre, si oui, merci de nous appuyez, si non SVP écrivez, votre support est aussi important que le support de tous les autres.

L’aéromodéliste est un sport familial

Dans le but de vous aidez, voici les noms et les adresses courriels des Ministres concerner

Monsieur le Premier Ministre Jean Charest

Madame Nathalie Normandeau, Vice Premier Ministre

Madame Michelle Courchesne, Ministre de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport

Madame Marguerite Blais, Ministre responsable des Aînés

Monsieur Tony Tomassi, Ministre pour la famille

Lorsque vous leurs écrirez, mentionnez leur de communiquer avec les personnes suivantes, pour plus de renseignement.

Jean Chevalier : président du Club Modéliste Montérégie Napierville,Qc. (450)246-4543
Steve Woloz : Directeur de la zone St-Laurent : (514)944-8241
Paul Burrage : assistant directeur de la Zone St-Laurent : (514)646-0536

PS : il n’est pas nécessaire d’écrire dans ce forum, non, mais ce forum peu vous donner des idées pour écrire aux différents Ministres. Messieurs, faites lire ce message à vos épouses, vos mères et vos filles.

Merci de m’avoir lue

Diane Montmarquette Chevalier
Club Modéliste Montérégie.
MAAC # 75603
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Dave Holmes
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Re: Quebec Clubs need your help CPTAQ

Sent today:

Dear M. Charest,

Congratulations on your victory in your most recent election. I am sure you and the Liberal Party of Quebec will continue to do an effective job of governing your province.

Like many others, I am writing you because I am distressed by the actions of the the CPTAQ against radio control flying clubs using agricultural land. I, like all other modellers, would like to see reason and common sense applied to the law. Clubs use very little land, and that is always well maintained. Most clubs use less than an acre, but due to the nature of the sport require an area free of development such as housing and industry to act in a safe and sane environment. Members are all very proud of their clubs and do their best to maintain an open and inviting atmosphere for all who come to see the action.

The hobby brings joy to many people. The people who fly these models absolutely love all aspects of the hobby. The skills and knowledge developed and learned can be parlayed into many other areas of life; building, maintaining, teaching others, and it goes on. The economy is also affected by having flying clubs available. Hobby shops, particularly those that cater specifically to RC flyers, will be adversely affected by the shutdown of clubs. Where can these people go to indulge their hobby if their fields are arbitrarily declared off limits by the CPTAQ; Ontario? By allowing radio control flying clubs to operate on small portions of agricultural land in Quebec, the CPTAQ will help the Quebec economy.

M. Charest, from someone on the outside looking in, it appears that a small body of bureaucrats are desperately trying to justify their existance at the expense of a group with little political clout. If they were corporations with large legal staff on retainer, or developers with deep pockets seeking to build a golf course, would the pressures and the outcomes be similar? I wonder.

In this time of fiscal uncertainty and restraint, it does not seem to make good sense to spend Quebec taxpayers' money on petty quests to stop good folk from using a postage stamp of agricultural land for a pastime which gives much pleasure and fellowship. In any case, this land can revert to cultivation at any time if the need arises, it is not as if a condo block is being built on it! Surely a dispensation can be made that would permit these clubs to continue to enjoy their hobby without molestation and harrasment from an appointed official.

Finally sir; I would suggest it would be most enlightening if you could find the time to go to a radio control aircraft club and see for yourself what a wonderful hobby this is. You would be impressed by the fellowship and egalitarianism that abounds, crossing social and age differences. Doctors and Lawyers, engineers and office workers, labourers and trades people, seniors and youths, all on a first name basis, enjoying a common interest. This is the sort of atmosphere which strengthens a society and needs to be fostered. Please, sir; give this issue your earnest consideration.

Thank you for your time.

D.L. (Dave) Holmes

Vice President and Director
Prince Edward Radio Control Flying club

Bay of Quinte Aeromodellers
Dave Holmes

The older I get, the better I used to be!
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Old 12-29-2008, 08:36 AM   #89
Dave Holmes
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I am: Dave Holmes
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Location: Prince Edward County, Ontario (no longer Brampton!)
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Futaba 72 Mhz
# of RCs: 30+

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Re: Quebec Clubs need your help CPTAQ

A question: does the CPTAQ regard snowmobiling over these same lands as a violation as well? I am curious.
Dave Holmes

The older I get, the better I used to be!
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Re: Quebec Clubs need your help CPTAQ

Hello Dave, By what I know yes they are. But as it is a winter activity which doesn't hurt the land and the agriculture activity, they don't care much.

They apply the same rule as for us, as long as they are no complaint then they apply their "order list". As for now, they are so busy with complain cases, then they don't really care about them. VTT during the summer, I think have a similar issues. But usually complaint came from the owners of those fields, which is not the case with us.

I know that most of the time (from now), they did not attack one of our field by them self, they did it because of a complain. but remember that most of the time those complaint where done because of personal matters, not agricultural matters.

So we need the government to change the law to allow us to use the agricultural ground as a legal activity, maybe under some conditions (no pavement for example). This way, no more personal issues will kick us out so easily.

And if a club is really hurting the agriculture, thrust me, they will find a way to get them out. And I have to admit that if they help us protecting our hobby, I'm ready to help them protect the agriculture in such an extreme case...
Robin Leblond,

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