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Old 12-18-2008, 11:07 AM   #121
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Re: RCCanada Christmas 2008 Contest

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Originally Posted by Gary Maker View Post
I was just listening to the Weather Channel and we are officially under a Storm Watch! Better enjoy today because starting at approx 7 AM tomorrow, we're going to get blasted by a huge low pressure system moving through our area.

Saturday we'll get a bit of a break and then Sunday, we're going to get another huge blast of the white stuff with winds expected to be gusting to 70 K/PH.
I am looking forward to the snow...I actually love driving in it and always manage to get to work even when others won't venture out.....body shops and car dealership might see a nice spike if we get a big enough blast!

Also justifies the buying of the snow blower this year!!!! Woo Hoo bring it on!!!!!
MAAC #41076
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Old 12-18-2008, 11:16 AM   #122
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Re: RCCanada Christmas 2008 Contest

Didn't see that. I believe Penz Oil was the fathers name.
nope....his name was Cole (or Coal).......
There aren't enough days in the weekend. -- Steven Wright
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Old 12-18-2008, 11:26 AM   #123
Dave Holmes
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Re: RCCanada Christmas 2008 Contest

Post number two, just for the heck of it.

I don't expect to win this thing, the odds are definately against it.

However, Ed, if I should, I know a young lad who has been bitten by the bug, and I will pass on the gift to him as his family has it a bit 'tight' at the moment.

Markfell; my heart goes out to you, I cannot imagine what it is like to lose a child. I would probably crawl in a hole and stay there, but obviously you found a way to avoid that and I salute you.

In the mean time, I am pleased to take advantage of this medium to recognize the great community of fellow modellers who have offered me advice, assistance and fellowship online and offline over the past years. When I first was introduced to the hobby I never dreamed I would find the activity, while most engaging, often took a back seat to the fellowship around it.

We do have a few 'grumpy old men' some rednecks, some 'cowboys' and the odd out and out flake here and there, but by far the majority are souls who have hearts of gold. (I know, Ed, so does a hard boiled egg!)

Best of all is Jason who runs this board.

I appreciate all of you, and most of all I appreciate the differences we all bring to the table.
Dave Holmes

The older I get, the better I used to be!
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Old 12-18-2008, 11:40 AM   #124
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Re: RCCanada Christmas 2008 Contest

"Frosty the snowman was a jolly happy soul with a corncob pipe and a button nose"....was he perhaps remote controlled?

Snowmen make for good pylon racing!
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Old 12-18-2008, 12:06 PM   #125
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Smile Re: RCCanada Christmas 2008 Contest

Merry Christmas Everyone
I will only enter once as I only neeed one prize

Started with nothing,got most of it left
MAAC 11800
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Old 12-18-2008, 12:14 PM   #126
Gary Maker
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Re: RCCanada Christmas 2008 Contest

Great post David Holmes...Cheers to you my friend!

I think you have summed it up beautifully, the sentiments of most of us here on RCCanada. Thank you!

I really mean this whole heartedly when I say how thankful I am for RCCanada. Its a large part of this hobby for me. I just don't know how I would get along without RCC. Hopefully I won't have to find out anytime soon, as long as I am in relatively good health to enjoy the hobby!

And you hit the nail squarely on the head about the friends here. To me just as impt or more so than actually building and flying airplanes. I know I spend more time on here than I do building! I have lost count of the number of friends that I have made as a direct result of my participation on RCC althought I have NOT lost appreciation of how much each and every one of you mean to me!

My friend Jim Moss put me on to this site a number of years ago, and I have not looked back since! Thanks Jim, I will be always grateful!

And thank you to each and all my good friends here, my family within my family! Thanks for all the help, support and friendship you continue to show me.
Stoney Creek Hawks RC
MAAC No. 43659

Radios used: Spektrum DX6i
Current builds: 1/4 scale J3 Cub & Neiuport 17 and KMP B-25.
Currently flying: Scratched Tele 40, Parkzone Stryker & 60" SPAD Debonaire


"Time flies like an arrow - fruit flys like a banana." Groucho Marks
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Old 12-18-2008, 12:41 PM   #127
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Re: RCCanada Christmas 2008 Contest

All the best of the Season to everyone...Ron
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Old 12-18-2008, 12:51 PM   #128
Bryan Mailloux
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Re: RCCanada Christmas 2008 Contest

Merry Christmas everyone, Looks like I am getting an early start to my christmas building session. But on the bright side I'll have lots to fly this indoor season/ spring
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Old 12-18-2008, 01:28 PM   #129
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Thumbs up Re: RCCanada Christmas 2008 Contest

What agreat site RC Canada is, this gets me through the day, plenty to read, and look for bargains.....

Thanks RCC
Happy wife, happy life
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Old 12-18-2008, 01:33 PM   #130
Mike Emilio
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Re: RCCanada Christmas 2008 Contest

Originally Posted by Mike Emilio View Post
Didn't see that. I believe Penz Oil was the fathers name.
I stand corrected here. The fathers name was Cole Oyl.
And the families lastname spelling is Oyl, not Oil.

Alice the Goon - Alice made her debut in the Sunday, December 10th, 1933 Thimble Theatre strip, part of the "Plunder Island" storyline. As yet unnamed (and her gender unspecified), she worked as a guard for the Sea Hag. She is portrayed as a giant with a large proboscis and prominent, hairy forearms and calves. Her name and gender were given in the January 14, 1934 strip, after she had captured Wimpy. Popeye eventually discovers that Alice was an unwilling slave to the Sea Hag, and helped Alice gain her freedom.In later appearances, Alice appeared wearing a skirt and flowered hat.When Alice spoke, her words would appear as a series of meaningless squiggles. Wimpy is the only one who can understand her language.

Bluto - Bluto (sometimes known as Brutus) is a cartoon character created in 1932 by Elzie Crisler Segar as a one-time character, named "Bluto the Terrible", in his Thimble Theatre comic strip (later renamed Popeye); he made his first appearance September 12 of that year. Fleischer Studios adapted him the next year (1933), to be the recurring villain in their theatrical Popeye animated series, based on the Segar strip.

Eugene the Jeep - Eugene the Jeep is a character in the Thimble Theatre comic strip, which stars Popeye. A mysterious animal with magical abilities, the Jeep first appeared in the March 16, 1936 Thimble Theatre strip. He was also present in the animated versions of Popeye's adventures, including three appearances in the Fleischer Studios shorts of the late 1930s/early 1940s, and more extensive appearances in later Popeye cartoons produced for TV.

George W. Geezil - George W. Geezil, also known as simply Geezil, was a comic-strip character created by E.C. Segar for the Thimble Theater strips.Geezil made his first appearance in the strips in 1932, as an unnamed patron in Roughhouse's cafe. He re-appeared in 1933 as a Cobbler and regular customer of Roughhouse who held a dislike for J. Wellington Wimpy, although until his fifth appearance, he went unnamed.Over time, he was named Mr. Geezer, Mr. Geezle, George G. Geezil and eventually George W. Geezil by 1935 in his 33rd appearance.

Harold Hamgravy - Harold Hamgravy, better known as Ham Gravy, was a Thimble Theatre character created in 1919.

Hamgravy was the original fiance of the better-known character Olive Oyl, but was often attracted to other women who were considerably wealthy. Hamgravy was depicted as a slacker who preferred getting rich quick rather than earning money honestly.

In a later strip, Hamgravy hired the better-known character Popeye to man his ship for a treasure hunt. As time passed, Hamgravy was replaced by Popeye as the prize for Olive's affections. Hamgravy made occasional appearances in the Popeye strips, but never had the fame he once held.
Hamgravy made a supporting appearance in the 1980 film, Popeye, where Olive has recently left Hamgravy and has since begun dating Bluto at the film's opening. He was played by Bill Irwin.

Cole Oyl and his wife Nana Oyl - The parents of Olive Oyl and her brother Castor Oyl.

Castor Oyl - Castor Oyl is Olive Oyl's older brother; they are the children of Cole Oyl and his wife Nana Oyl. He was the main protagonist of Thimble Theater for years before the first appearance of the Popeye character in January 1929. A quick-witted yet diminutive adventurer, Castor Oyl continued to be an important character in Segar's Popeye strip, but played little (most usually no) role in the Popeye theatrical cartoons produced first by Fleischer Studios and then by Famous Studios. His most prominent appearance in the series is as a member of Popeye's orchestra in the 1935 short The Spinach Overture.

Olive Oyl - Olive Oyl is a cartoon character created by Elzie Crisler Segar in 1919 for his comic strip "Thimble Theater." "Thimble Theater" later became Popeye after the sailor character became the most popular member of the comic strip's cast. Olive Oyl was a character in the strip for 10 years before the first appearance of Popeye in 1929.

Poopdeck Pappy - Poopdeck Pappy is a fictional character featured in the Popeye cartoons and comic strip. He was created by E.C. Segar.He first appeared not long after Popeye acquired Eugene the Jeep. Popeye decided to use the creature's supernatural knowledge to find his father. An expedition was set up to go to Poopdeck's home on Barnacle Island, which included Toar the caveman and Olive Oyl. The ungrateful father answered Popeye's greeting with, "You look like something the cat dragged in... I don't like relatives." He came to Popeye's home anyway, followed by some mermaids whom he had flirted with. Poopdeck Pappy made his first animated appearance in the Popeye the Sailor short "Goonland" (193.

Popeye - Popeye the Sailor is a fictional hero famous for appearing in comic strips and animated films as well as numerous TV shows. He was created by Elzie Crisler Segar,and first appeared in the daily King Features comic strip Thimble Theatre on January 17, 1929.

Swee'Pea - Swee'Pea is a character in E.C. Segar's comic strip Thimble Theatre and in the "Popeye" cartoon series derived from it. His name suggests the flower known as the Sweet Pea. Before the baby came along in the movies, the name "Sweet Pea" was a term of affection used by Popeye. In the cartoon We Aim to Please, at one point he addressed Olive Oyl that way.

J. Wellington Wimpy - J. Wellington Wimpy, or just Wimpy, is one of the characters in the long-running comic strip Thimble Theater, and in the Popeye cartoons based upon the strip.

Wimpy was created by newspaper cartoonist Elzie Crisler Segar. He became one of the dominant characters in the newspaper strips. When "Popeye" was adapted as an animated cartoon series by Fleischer Studios, Wimpy was made a more minor character; Dave Fleischer said that the character in the Segar comic strips was "too intellectual" to be used in film cartoons. The character was soft-spoken and generally cowardly.

Four (4) nephews:
Pipeye, Peepeye, Pupeye, and Poopeye.

14. Miscellaneous characters
Shorty, The Sea Hag, Bernard, Rough House, Toar, King Blozo, Goons, Bill Barnacle, Granny, Oscar, Dufus, O. G. Watasnozzle, Bernice.

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