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Old 01-14-2004, 08:20 PM   #1
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I am: alame
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Re: how too rate a Hobby store customer service?

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I am: Mike
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Thumbs down how too rate a Hobby store customer service?

well ,went too my Local hobby store awhile back and purchased my Winter Project,i got the GP Cherokee ARF and a OS.46 which ran me about 400 bones.
While i was there, i was also looking for a servo flight pack, and some extensions/ Y harness's,but they didn't have what i wanted so i decided too order it online,which was fine,i got all winter,and figured i had time too start the build and get my items in the mail around the time i needed them.
So i get my mail order products and find they they never shipped my 12''extensions, they never charged me for it,so all if fine,just a little mishap in the order.
So instead of making a re-order and waiting 5-9 days,I figured i head across the city,too the LHS again and see what they have,so i get there and its fairly crowded there!! well actually there like 3 ppl, 2 + me, bear in mind my LHS is very tight quartered in a small crammed second story, in a small strip im there at the counter ,and the lady/owner asked me if there's anything she can help me with,"yes im wondering if you have any 12'' sever extensions?","ahhhhh!!! let me see" she says and looks down behind the glass class and is going though every expert electronics item she had,and im looking as well from my side of the glass display case,nope no 12'' extensions too be seen,pretty much everyhitng then she proceeds too reach down below the glass case and in a box full of ramdon stuff she hauls out 2 extensions and measures them ,sure enof,there 12 inchs,great i say ill take them,total of a 20 dollar bill for some thing that great hobby's sells for $4.95 per extension,and theirs are packaged,for all i know these are used,but hey i needed them so that being the only HS around,i go too buy them.
But wait,as shes about too make the sale,a older gentleman walks in the store,and she most know the man because she calls him by name,but did get it wrong,lol,she asked him if there's anything she can help him with?,yes he says "im interested in this Bind and fly helicopter you have here",yes she said its great "just bind your radio too it and your set"and then Proceed too make the sale too the man who just walked in after me being there for about 20 mins,i was just mentally brushed too the side,cause of the 200 dollar sale ,compared too my 20buck unpack-aged servo extensions.and then she talking too him about other stuff/quality of the Hili hes purchasing for about 10-15 mins as i just stand there waiting too be rang in.,and yes i still did buy the servo extension,but as i was leaving i said too myself,next time ill wait the extra 5-9 days too get a Product in the mail,ive been going there for about 5 years,and it always has been the same,i think ive leaned my lesson.

And that's my New Years Rant.
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Old 01-05-2010, 05:02 AM   #3
Cross Check
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I am: Dave F
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Re: how too rate a Hobby store customer service?

Hi eastcoast,

Nice Rant. Welcome to RCC !

I love going to my local hobby shops.(I am lucky to have more than one) And supporting them with my hobby money. If they are busy, and I have to wait, that is cool!

I have met just as many great people at the Hobby shops here, as the flying fields/clubs I get to fly at.

But that is me, and what I like.

When your cheaper, on-line overseas package arrives...
Do the postal people even care about you and your project?
Do they help on the testflight?

Ooops, I'm Ranting!

I love flying model airplanes.

And supporting my local economy.

Take care,
Have fun,
Maac 6437
Unabashed Combat Team
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Old 01-05-2010, 09:39 AM   #4
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I am: Gordon
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Re: how too rate a Hobby store customer service?

What comes around, goes around; you could have interrupted the other customer and requested/insisted the lady to complete the sale before she would assist the other customer.

A sale is a sale; fair is fair; whether it is $20 or $200, you were there before the other customer!

That is what I would have done in that particular situation.

However, let it slide and enjoy your build...


Enter the World of Ballroom Dance...
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RC: Nitro and Electric Helicopters, Planes, Cars, and Trucks; Non-RC: Ballroom Dance and Fencing!

MAAC 77725
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I am: Boolean21
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Re: how too rate a Hobby store customer service?

I've run into this a few times, those stores simply don't get my business anymore. I don't know where you're located (In a house doesn't tell me much) but I'm sure there are adjacent towns with hobby stores, even if a couple hundred KM's away. For something like servo extensions the mail works great and doesn't take TOO long if it's somewhat local, Greyhound is another method though I wouldn't use them to get 2 extensions, but you're a modeler, I'm sure you could have justified some other stuff haha. I use greyhound a lot from Hobby Extreme in Red Deer as they usually have what I need, Tim treats me very well, and with Greyhound it's here overnight anyway. Really sad part with a hobby store like you're describing is that you probably could have just carried the extensions out the door without concealing them and they'd have never noticed...
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I am: Mike
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Re: how too rate a Hobby store customer service?

yea i here ya,i also like heading too my LHS and meeting new people etc.but it just boils down too good customer service,seeing thats the only HS here in NL,ordering from somewhere like great hobbies is my other choice.

I think im going too Open my own RC hobby store,too give people in the area a better Choice,with that being the only HS in a city of 300.000,i like my odds.

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Gary Maker
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I am: Gary M.
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Re: how too rate a Hobby store customer service?

Sorry but I have to take a contrairy view of this matter. You said it was a small cramped store with only a couple others browzing around. I'm also assuming that they didn't have huge amounts of stock on the shelves?

Its a small, locally owned Hobby Store. They probably don't make huge amounts of sales as do other stores. I feel a bit of empathy is in order here.

Sure things are bound to be more expensive as they don't have those huges amounts of stock, customer base, and yet they like larger stores have bills to pay, rent, heat & hydro, salary(s) etc. It's probably a real struggle for them to even stay open with today's economy as it is.

I would look at it as a matter of convienience. Someplace, as you yourself said, may have what your looking for on the spot, no waiting for days or even weeks to get what you need.

Now, here's where I would have the greatest empathy with the store lady. She probably doesn't make a lot of sales even on the best of days. She still has the bills to pay and may be feeling the pinch! You want a couple of extentions for $20. Fine. But a customer comes in and wants to make a purchase of a couple of hundred dollars or more. That couple of hundred dollars may be critical for her so she jumps at the opportunity to make what is perhaps the largest single sale all week, maybe even all month.

Yes, you were there first! She should have concluded her business with you before another customer who just walked in the door. But again showing empathy, putting yourself in her shoes, you might just want to give her a break and try to emagine why she did what she did! It may not have been that way at all but then again maybe it was! You just never know.

Was that extra 10 minutes you waited for survice really that critical to you? That very same 10 minutes she spent making a $200+ sale to the other customer may have been very critical to her!

You certainly have other options to get what you need and at a better price, but then again, the option of having a store close to get things you need in a pinch may and probably will, one day just not be there!

With all the cutthroat, on-line businesses, each vieing for your hobby dollar, the local Hobby Store is on the endangered species list.

Support your local Hobby Store or one day soon, you won't have a local Hobby Store.

Empathy is a great word!!! In today's world we're all stressed out at times. People react badly to us at times but showing just a bit of empathy, trying to put ourselves in others shoes and trying to imagine why they acted or did what they did is awsome medicine for the body and soul. A heated argument, feelings of resentment or making a scene will be avoided. Your blood pressure stays down, and you can walk away with a smile and your world is good. Sorry for the long rant but that's the way I see it!

All the best to all of you for a safe and Happy New Year my friends!
Stoney Creek Hawks RC
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Radios used: Spektrum DX6i
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Currently flying: Scratched Tele 40, Parkzone Stryker & 60" SPAD Debonaire


"Time flies like an arrow - fruit flys like a banana." Groucho Marks

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I am: Rob P
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Re: how too rate a Hobby store customer service?

Yes Gary I know were you coming from and I agree with Half of the things you said.
But on the other hand I also agree with eastcoast..

I been on both sides of the fence. As a sales person and as a customer, and as a sales person I would of said to man that came in after Eastcoast " yes we do have that Item, I'll be right with you just as soon as I finish up with this customer".. Eastcoast would of been happy and the other customer would of been happy as well, just because he was acknowledged and he new that he would of found that Item that was on sale.

but also I have said something to the clerk that did the exact same thing to me..
I was being calm about it,that person left me there with half of my order rung in, 10 min latter the clerk came back, No apology or nothing..

So when the clerk decided to proceed ringing in my stuff I said " I'm sorry but there's no sense in ring in the rest of the order", the clerk looked at me with a confused look on her face. and she asked "Why?".
I then proceeded to tell the clerk " you need to get your priorities straight.. I came in to the store and you asked me if I needed help, you got the stuff that I was looking for and you started ringing me in, halfway through you decided to help another customer. Do you think that is Fair?" the clerk then look flabbergasted that I would say any thing..then I proceeded to leave the store.. and yes I have spent allot of money at that store, more than the cost of that one Item that the other customer purchased. And No the Clerk is not new to the Job...

Thats my rant for today...
Youngs Point Flying Club MAAC # 80842

once you go Yak you never go back!!

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Re: how too rate a Hobby store customer service?

With all due respect to Gary I must disagree. The $20 purchase should be as important to the store owner as the $200 sale in customer satisfaction and retention. A satsified customer is bound to return, possibly with large purchase that can be bought elsewhere. An unhappy customer will return as a last resort. if ever. I have had the unfortunate experience of trying to purchase a number of items at a local hobby shop. I had the items at the checkout and the clerk had already rung up part of the list of items I had chosen. The phone rang and the clerk proceeded to carry on a personal conversation which had nothing to do with the hobby. I am sorry but that did not endear me to that store. I walked away from there without any of the items, (the total would have rung up to over $300). That was the last time I have been in that store and I will likely not go back.

Yes, you may say that I am cutting off my nose to spite my face, because I have to wait a few days for a mail order to arrive but I am beginning to find that it is much easier to sit at home and place an order without having to drive to a store, find parking then be treated as not important enough to be served in a timely fashion. To me, instant gratification is not a biggie.

Rant over.
Lead, follow or get out of the way!

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Re: how too rate a Hobby store customer service?

A $10.00 customer today can be a $1,000.00 customer tomorrow. It's too bad that most businesses (not just hobby shops) forget this at times.
Dave V.
Burlington Radio Control Modelers
Team Skycraft
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