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6S Vampire
3rd Vampire
Touch and Go video: 
71EA0855 6F45 4A78 AE34 1F54A076DDC4
7B86D610 B474 4E3B B162 6BA51774F778
4312C9BF 8C86 4693 A534 76B8155E4346
47450755 29A1 41A5 AE27 0829423C3BC1
56E4F207 56CF 44C9 8E8C 637E7077195C
222BFD15 DA0E 4689 8819 33695861B92A
1AD9ADBF 1521 4F67 BCDB 8B85F9630AE3
9164D038 9EF0 4FF4 ADF7 115D56444A1E
F893D0F6 5F8B 4860 B40A 0DE1D2C20BE5
D6AF45BF F4E0 4C9A 8B35 2B4552DBB6EC
0CFB9D7D F9FC 4C90 B886 32A39CA2F33B
515E9DC6 A1C5 4DD9 93D0 DF8F978D8AA4
11DE803E 9A9F 4F8B 92D3 D9F8D0A490E0
5AA83250 28F9 41B2 890D C62C353DFE11
CC3A0DB1 8D52 439E 83A2 B68CAF0CAC4F
24668051 08C2 4801 ADC7 19F2F5A84461
AB4D3429 D81D 4D56 A31B 56D654C567B1
DA5767AE E6CA 4BE9 8DEA A3E1B87F30CC
D6F5546A 4498 4742 9773 73C8A559CD36
4379F539 B266 4799 9B90 25650D66026E
AA493562 DE0C 47E4 80DA 02865E134428

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