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08-31-2021 09:12 AM
Re: E-flite's 90mm Viper

Sure knife edges well.....

08-31-2021 09:06 AM
Re: E-flite's 90mm Viper

So, Mike McConville just won the EDF class at the F3S Nationals with the 90mm Viper! Shows how good it is at precision stuff.
08-27-2021 07:41 PM
Re: E-flite's 90mm Viper

Well, if you don't tear up the sky and have good batteries, its easy to get at least 5 minutes with 6s5000 mAh 60c battery with the Avanti. It flies very slow or very fast. Of course if you run full throttle and don't use throttle management, it will only last a few minutes - just like any electric aircraft.

Several members of the Burlington Radio Control Modelers have an Avanti. For me it was my first venture into EDF after 10 years of flying. And I have to say its an absolute treat to fly, worth every penny. It has Flaps and Retracts, although you can fly it well without using the flaps. It has navigation lights too.

Come out to the Burlington Club and see for yourself when the weather is nice.

08-26-2021 07:29 AM
Re: E-flite's 90mm Viper

The problem with scale military jets is that the wheels are typically very small to keep them scale. The only way to get around that with a military jet is to go to a bigger model.

The gear on the Viper is definitely very good. Big wheels and the struts are really strong. But it's also the power.

I had the E-flite 80mm F-18 Blue Angels and it was far less friendly. I found it badly under-powered, and the wheels are tiny. Even on fairway-length grass it was a struggle to get off the ground. The new E-flite 80mm F-16 seems a lot better with the new V2 fan unit and motor. Lots of power.
08-26-2021 07:09 AM
Re: E-flite's 90mm Viper

Originally Posted by FlyingTye View Post

A Timber it is not, but as far as an EDF goes, it's pretty darned gentle.
Ya, I have been drooling over this online, the gear mostly. I am more into scale military if I was going to buy an rc edf, but this plane looks like it is awesome for grass. I had to remove my gear and turn my eflite f16 into a belly lander at a new club I joined this year with grass only. I have the fms f18f with flaps and gear I can only take advantage of at another club that is a longer drive and I can't get to often. For now I'll continue to follow happy viper owners' reports and cross my fingers eflite puts gear like this on their next edf warbird....
08-26-2021 05:57 AM
FlyingTye I just watched it and he said he was still flying with no flaps right before he made that turn. He was definitely flying too slow for no flaps, haha!

Even in the video where he lands in the parking lot, he cut the throttle way too early. Could be a product of flying in the worst possible place with a jet, though, lol.

A Timber it is not, but as far as an EDF goes, it's pretty darned gentle.
08-26-2021 05:42 AM
Re: E-flite's 90mm Viper

There is a video on youtube of a guys who crashes this model flying low and slow full flaps trying to set up approach to land. He is banking too aggressively and turning with not enough power and it just snaps over and bam -right into ground. Look up 'I just got here" on youtube that's the guy's name he has at least one successful flight video with nice landing but then this happened on second flight I think he says. No matter how nice and easy it seems to fly, it's still an edf, not a timber!
08-25-2021 08:19 AM
Re: E-flite's 90mm Viper

I did experience the quick stall, once, when I wasn't paying attention, but it really can fly extremely slow before that happens. In my case, I was doing a tandem flight and was a little distracted as I turned in to a down-wind leg with full flaps. I also turned AS3X off on mine completely, and I don't think the AS3X is really working all that hard on this plane, given how locked-in it feels without.

Under most normal conditions, you'll never see this quick stall and drop scenario.
08-25-2021 08:05 AM
Re: E-flite's 90mm Viper

Flew mine today as well ( 4 flights ). Set timer at 4:30 with mixed throttle and landed at 28 % on 5000mah 6S. Takes off of grass very nicely ( nice gear ) and lands slowly with full flaps with no bouncing. I have about 2 mm of DOWN elevator trim with full flaps. Set the reverse thrust mixing per one of the videos posted. There are NO instructions in the kit to set the reverse thrust feature.

Having flown a number of turbine Vipers before I was particularly interested in how this one would react to slow flight and vigorous roll input. It is a typical Viper in that respect.
A WORD OF CAUTION - this is a Viper and it will bite. Respect this. I am talking about the sudden snap feature of this design. Although the Viper flys very nicely dont push it too hard in slow flight with sudden hard roll input. This bird will snap with NO notice and will take a turn or 2 too exit the spin. I found that gentle inputs are best in slow flight and use some power when making a turn from straight and level slow flight. I think that the A3X is working TOO well and masks any signs the aircraft is giving us until departure occurs ( just my thoughts ). Anyway, don't be afraid of this plane just be prepared for that wing drop if pushed too hard. I would strongly suggest that you take her up high during your first few flights and feel out how slow and aggressive you can get with her before it drops that wing.

Dean W.
08-20-2021 05:16 PM
FlyingTye 4 flights in the books. What a great flying jet! What a great flying airplane, period.

Power, speed, enormously wide flight envelope.

The gear is awesome at our sod-farmer-planted jet field.

Honestly, it is just so easy to fly. I did all 4 flights, including the maiden, with all stabilty off and it is just so locked in and smooth. Landings are just ridiculous. This might be the easiest landing plane, ever.

I love it!
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