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Yesterday 10:25 AM
Re: Converting EDF to turbines

Once in a while an aircraft comes out that just stands head and shoulders above the rest. The new Freewing 80mm T33 is just that bird. Light weight, nicely scaled, solid landing gear and well powered, the edf version is quickly becoming an all time favorite. A big shout out to Alpha, the lead designer, who ( perhaps unknowingly? ) made the turbine conversion an absolute joy on this airframe. The large open cavity in the fuse, ample motor space and solid exhaust duct makes for the easiest turbine install yet of all the airframes I have done.

I started by lining the aft end of the airframe in aluminum tape up to the where the engine mounts. Once again I used the HAB ( Avanti 80mm ) engine mounts, exhaust ring and modified to fit, exhaust pipe. I had the lining done and engine and pipe installed all within 2 hours of easy work. The engine fits in through the existing bay without any modification to the foam. The hatch cover had some foam removed to allow more spacing for the engine.

Next up was the fuel tank. In an open structure this made the work very easy. First off, I cut out the ducting then put a piece of tape 1/2" from the tip of an exacto knife and hollowed out the area that a 24 oz Dubro tank would fit. This recessed the tank along the upper wall of the fuse allowing clearance for the wing and servo wires. 4 dowel hardpoints were glued into the foam and vecro straps screwed in place. A small rear retaining block that holds the fuel pump completes the install. Super simple and easy removal.
01-19-2020 06:40 PM
Re: Converting EDF to turbines

Spent a weekend with my son figuring out this 3D printing thing. Following a snowed in and cold Saturday, we actually got some parts made. Here are some examples of the cockpit details going into the Freewing L39.

The completed L39 on its feet:
2950 grams
65mm JP elec. wheels and brakes
Custom 24 oz fuel tank
3D panel / seats with Jet Hangar 1/10 scale pilots
Xicoy X45 turbine
HAB Sweden pipe/mounts
Gens Ace 2200 mah Lipo 7.4 volt X2

The next project up:
Freewing T33 80mm
01-17-2020 02:49 PM
Re: Converting EDF to turbines

Oh yea, for sure, I know stuffing some fuel in there is the next big user of space, but I'm not too concerned.
01-17-2020 02:42 PM
Re: Converting EDF to turbines

Things will get a bit tighter once you push it back in order to put fuel over the CG...but yeah, that X45 is sooooo small and light. So light that some foamie conversion can be done without a tube by pushing it to the rear and still balancing out.

01-17-2020 11:44 AM
Re: Converting EDF to turbines

I'm going to be building a Jetmach 44 trainer first to learn the jet life, but I dug out my House of Balsa F-86 to size things up.... that little fuselage swallows up that engine no problem.
01-12-2020 09:03 AM
Re: Converting EDF to turbines

Hi Len

The batteries are just Gens Ace 2200 Lipo 7.4 for the receiver / turbine.
While I mostly use HobbyKing / Dubro tanks, sometimes a conformal tank is the most practical way to go. I am on a few Facebook sites and have friends in Europe that are a great source of information as well. These conversions have become very popular there. The tank for the L39 is from Spain. I have a 3D printer now and hope to be able to make my own tanks over time.

Now there may be a great source of income for a willing entrepreneur......wink, wink

01-11-2020 12:30 PM
Re: Converting EDF to turbines

Hi Dean
Are those foil type Life batteries you have there ? One for turbine and one for receiver/servos ?
The other question on the composite fuel tank; is that a custom made one for model specific and
If so , made in NA ?
01-11-2020 11:18 AM
Re: Converting EDF to turbines

Lol....so true Paul, so true...

So, to continue the build....the L39 is now complete with all components up front. I did have to move some extra equipment up front to lesson useless ballast weight. In this case, I did use a MAP 2 oz UAT ( extra weight and a bit of extra fuel ), gyro and telemetry sensor.

With every composite fuel tank, I do a leak test which involves blowing some air into the tank and submerging it in water for 3 minutes. I then use a felt pen to mark any pin hole size leaks that may occur in dry areas of the tank wall. These are sealed with a dab of CA or epoxy. This one was well molded and no leaks were found.

My lovely family bought me a new Prusa i3MK3S 3D printer for Christmas so the next task is to do some 3D printing of cockpit parts. I ordered some better scale pilot busts from a long time acquaintance, Larry Wolfe at Jet Hangar Hobbies. Larry has been in business for many, many years and still carries some nice scale accessories. His son Chris, is an outstanding modeler in his own right and is well known in the EDF community for his Afterburner lighting packages and his building blogs through RCGeek. Check them out, they are nice people, very knowledgeable and I am sure we will be seeing more of Chris in the turbine conversion world.
01-10-2020 09:11 PM
Re: Converting EDF to turbines

Dean, these micro jets have you like a kid in the Candy shop with Daddy’s credit card. LOL.


01-07-2020 08:22 PM
Re: Converting EDF to turbines

Every so often an engine comes on the market that turns turbine modeling on its ear. The X45 is certainy making a statement. I was in contact with Gaspar today about the V5 telemetry sensor and he mentioned that "X45 sales have been crazy ". Just today, he had 9 orders come in and had just reopened after Christmas holidays. Motion R/C has just released its new 80mm T33 which has been reported to perform somewhere between the excellent 80mm Avanti and the L39. There is lots of chatter on Facebook sites about how easy it would be to convert over. I may have to think about that one too.

Here is a video of it in flight. It would be good off of grass too.


L39 is just about buttoned up...just waiting for some batteries and 3D printed cockpit parts...

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