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11-08-2019 10:13 AM
Dennis Pedersen
Re: motor and esc recommendations for 4*

Power 46 from Eflite 670kv 800 watts . I would propably run this on 4s with around the 14x7

Hacker A40-14S 530 kv 800 watts on 5S with around a 14x7 prop

As mentioned get a in line watt meter for prop testing.

You will need a 70 amp or up esc

Also do not put to big of a battery in it thinking of long flight times. It may fly longer but heavy pigs are not fun to fly, so keep it light and have fun.
11-08-2019 09:32 AM
Re: motor and esc recommendations for 4*

Thanks for the recommendations guys. Looks like I'll have to do some research.
11-05-2019 06:22 PM
Hubert 1
Re: motor and esc recommendations for 4*

Kind of depends on what you want to do with it and if you plan on buying any other electric planes. And of course, if you have any batteries. For example a 3s 5000 is IMO an awkward pack for electrics (unless you want to get into cars in which case it's perfect), and won't work with a lot of planes. I personally prefer higher voltage I'd buy a 6s 2000-3000 for that plane and find the right power system from there. But then again I like overpowering stuff.
11-05-2019 06:05 PM
Re: motor and esc recommendations for 4*

Two MUST things needed for electric aircraft. Subscribe to e-calc and a watt meter.
11-05-2019 02:31 PM
Re: motor and esc recommendations for 4*

As Michael says , one if the big things is how much clearance do you have ? If flying on grass a minimum of 2 to 2.5 inch clearance and if on hard pack or asphalt then you could get down to 1 inch but more is better.
As you go up in Kv you go down in cell count and vice versa. I would try for 700-800 Kv range and 4S lipo. Some brushless motor manufacturers have prop charts , Scorpion , being one of them. Take the motor max amp draw and add 1/3 to that rating for your ESC .
Always go with the higher watt motor suggestion as you will never run at that except for short 10 second bursts because motors that are rated that way ;are usually never a continuous rating.
11-05-2019 01:19 PM
Re: motor and esc recommendations for 4*

Sig itself suggests a range of motors/esc/number of cells in battery combos for this plane:

"500 - 800 watt Brushless Motor (800-1000 kv)
60-75A Speed Control (ESC)
3-4S 3000 - 5000 mAh Lipo Battery Pack"

beyond what stegl said, one consideration is the maximum diameter of the prop that will safely provide clearance of the ground.

Doing some reading on basics of electric flight, particularly around the relationship of Kv and battery voltage (number of cells), will help to understand what components of the drive system will work together. For example, if you went to a 6 cell lipo motor battery, you likely would be looking a motor with a Kv specification about half that suggested by Sig.

Using an electric flight predictor will help a lot, in my view, to understanding the relationship of many more components, flight performance and cautions of overheating. I use ecalc…… there is a free/demo version that shows how it works but the subscribed version (cost $6 U.S. a year) unlocks the full inventory of motors, batteries, props and esc.
11-05-2019 12:57 PM
Re: Looking for recommendations

A lot (recommendations) depends on just how much you wish to spend and the quality you want ?
11-05-2019 12:34 PM
motor and esc recommendations for 4*

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for motor and esc recommendations for this airplane.



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