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08-08-2019 07:39 PM
Jon. Haha! Good stuff.. I had one of those folding benches I was test running a .60 engine on. Full throttle was enough to pull it across the concrete floor! Had to hang on for sure!
08-07-2019 06:23 PM
Re: OS LA .25 Fuel Nipple

And to add. This again was run on 80-20 (80% methanol-20% castor oil)[YOUTUBE]
08-07-2019 06:20 PM
Re: OS LA .25 Fuel Nipple

Just another little update. So today I bench ran the engine again. This time, there was some entertainment.... Before I get to that. The repaired fuel nipple worked well again, the backplate and exhaust had no leaks that I could see, and my repairs (homemade backplate gasket, JB Welded muffler cracks, and tin tape exhaust gasket) held up! So I went to hand start it, but was being funny, so brought out the electric finger. Started relatively easy. Ran nicely and throttled well. I adjusted teh needle both in and out till I had a steady run, then started leaning it out till it started sputtering, then backed it out a couple of clicks and left it there. So I then decided I wanted to make the video below to get opinions on how it sounds. Well, my 'test stand bench' is an older folding workmate table with solid top as teh original was missing (this was a garbage dump find for tinkering on). So I look for my camera and see it on my main workbench in the front of the garage. As soon as I walked past the engine running on the stand, now to my back, I hear this loud bang followed by a slight 'click, click, click'. I turn around in shock as I thought the engine parted ways with the stand. But when I turned around, I saw the stand had dropped/folded down, engine still attached and running. SO I run to kill the engine. That is when I now see what teh clicking sound was. When it fell down, the propeller struck a lower support very briefly, damaging the very tips of the prop. Shocked yes. Change of underwear, close! I sanded the tips and all is good, so I reinstalled it, set the bench back up and shot this little video. I am going out shortly and screwing the legs in teh up position so this does not happen again! Enjoy teh video and if anything comes to mind about something in it, please let me know.
07-24-2019 08:43 PM
Re: OS LA .25 Fuel Nipple

The only other thing I have to do for the stand is build a shelf for the fuel tank to sit on, and will be looking at making something adjustable, and another fuel tank so I can permanently mount it to the shelf I want to build. I have a couple 10 ounce tanks, and a 12 ounce, but considering the size of engines I run, they are a little big......
07-24-2019 08:41 PM
Re: OS LA .25 Fuel Nipple

Thanks for the kind words Dave. I enjoy these little projects as you may already know. As for the stand. It was one I saved up for and bought on E-bay from England I believe it was. Very nicely made, and sturdy. As for the spacing, it is just slightly more than your guess of 31.5 mm, although this is according to my cheap digital calipers.
07-24-2019 08:20 PM
Re: OS LA .25 Fuel Nipple

Hi Chancey,

Looks like you are doing a good job there
Wondered what the spacing is between muffler bolts ( hole center to center)?
Might be 31.5 mm or less?
Also, you should post a pic of your test stand if you have time

07-24-2019 08:01 PM
Re: OS LA .25 Fuel Nipple

Ok. Couldn't sit still so went and snapped a couple pictures. And I also forgot to add that the fuel used was 80/20 Methanol/Castor homebrew.
07-24-2019 07:53 PM
Re: OS LA .25 Fuel Nipple

Well, just an update. Finally had a bit of time to run this engine up. Had to use an electric finger, but it did fire and run. However, I was utterly impressed as to how quiet it did run. Throttled well too. I did run about 3 ounces and wow, did it ever take its sweet time to drink it all up. But while running, I noticed something else. The muffler did indeed have a couple of small cracks on the muffler. One was from where it mounts to the engine back to the main tube of the muffler just behind the fins on the top, and the other was alongside the main tube of the muffler near the rear of the flat part. So, when I was done playing with it, I brought it inside and cleaned it up with alcohol. Then I used a fine Dremel bit and ground/vee'd out the cracks, cleaned once again, then put on some JB Weld. Now it will sit till at least Friday for the next run. I am now curious though if soem of the quietness is because of those little hairline cracks. I may also pull it back off the test stand and make a gasket for the backplate as there was a sealant on it when I took it off to repair the needle. Love little projects like this, and fixing them up! I'll get a couple of pictures tomorrow of the muffler repairs.
07-12-2019 11:35 AM
Re: OS LA .25 Fuel Nipple

I paid $15 for just the housing without the needle maybe 20 years ago in Kitchener? I could probably use 10 of the different sizes. That Japanese source looks great.
07-11-2019 06:16 PM
Re: OS LA .25 Fuel Nipple

Everyone is different...and that's fine... but when it's $4, I couldn't be bothered repairing it.
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